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Core Resources

Growing on the Frontline is an eight-session small group course that will help you do just that. Because when we nourish the roots of our faith, we’ll see the fruit of our faith – as God works through us to transform the places we’re in and love the people we’re with.

Growing on the Frontline

Grow more like Jesus where you are


Brimming with real-life stories, biblical insight, and practical steps, these resources will spark your imagination and enrich your sense of wonder at the greatness and grace of the God who invites us to join his glorious work. The suite includes a book (for individual reading) and small group series (including videos), which explore six ‘M’s – six expressions of fruitfulness.

Fruitfulness on the Frontline

Make a difference wherever you are


Frontline Sundays is everything you need to lead five Sunday services that will affirm, celebrate, and inspire your congregation for everyday mission, wherever they are.

Frontline Sundays

Inspire your church for Monday to Saturday life... and Sunday too


Vital Signs includes an assessment tool, a full-length book, next steps videos, and insight articles that’ll help you identify practical things you can do to embed whole-life discipleship more deeply in your church.

Vital Signs

Check how your church is doing at making whole-life disciples


The great divide is the all-too-common belief that some parts of life are ‘sacred’ and important to God but others are ‘secular’ and irrelevant to him.

The Great Divide

The biggest challenge facing the church today... and what we can do about it


Our planet is at breaking point. There’s no planet B, but there is hope for God’s world. Because Jesus died to save the planet.

Jesus Died to Save the Planet

Why the gospel is good news for all creation, not just humans


For The Gateway Seven series we’ve selected seven books of the Bible representing seven genres: Proverbs (Wisdom), Exodus (Law), 1 Peter (Letters), Ezekiel (Prophecy), Ruth (Narrative), Mark (Gospel), and Revelation (Apocalyptic). The series, beginning with Proverbs, will offer study guides for each of the books with a whole-life discipleship perspective.

The Gateway Seven Series

Study series on seven books of the Bible, covering seven genres


Taking time to wait for anything, even on God, feels like a luxury – and it can be hard to pause and pray. So we need fresh ways of praying in and for our everyday situations. Our prayer journeys give you a quick and easy way to begin. We’ll send you daily prompts to spark your imagination, encouraging you to pray – however briefly – with renewed energy, creativity, and faith that God’s purposes will be worked out in your life.

Prayer Journeys

Daily prompts to inspire and encourage your prayers


Commissioned to explore key questions about whole-life disciplemaking, LICC research draws insights from both qualitative and quantitative data, gathered through rigorous fieldwork with churches of all kinds, up and down the UK.

Research reports

Discover what helps whole-life disciples grow and thrive



Real-life lessons from people in the Bible.


The God of all things cares deeply about all the things of our lives. Day by day he works through each of us, giving us opportunities to make the world more like heaven with every email we send, every issue we fix, and every customer we serve. In each two-minute film of the 6M People series, you’ll walk with an ordinary Christian through their daily routine and discover how they make a difference for Christ, living out the ‘6Ms of Fruitfulness’ in their ordinary tasks.

6M People

True stories of God at work through ordinary Christians in everyday places


Discover how Elizabeth II’s whole-life faith in Jesus shaped her life and reign with these beautiful, insightful works.

The Queen’s Faith

Discover how Elizabeth II’s whole-life faith in Jesus has shaped her life


A group study that gives students a vision for life after uni, with session videos, participant’s workbook, and leader’s guide.

Routed: Journeying into Work with God

Give students a vision for life after uni


A group study that gives students a vision for life after uni, with session videos, participant’s workbook, and leader’s guide.

Launched: Journeying through Uni with God

Give students a vision for whole-life discipleship at uni


RePurpose is a six-session discussion guide for anyone looking to grow as a disciple in retirement.

RePurpose: Discover Fresh Purpose in Retirement

A discussion guide for anyone looking to grow as a disciple in retirement


Explore some of our culture’s thorniest issues with your small group – so you can become wise peacemakers where you are.

Wisdom Labs

Explore some of our culture’s thorniest issues with your small group


Host a book club that deepens your discipleship.

Open Books

Host a book club that deepens your discipleship.


There is no such thing as an ordinary day for a Christian. With Christ, every day, every task, every situation, every relationship brims with divine possibility. God is always at work.

The One About

Eight stories about God in our everyday


Explore the power of preaching for everyday life with this video series for church preachers and teachers.

Whole Life Preaching

The power of preaching for everyday life


Connect your Sunday services with Monday life – from their biblical foundations through to practical ideas – with this leader’s pack, book, and small group series.

Whole Life Worship

Connect your Sunday services with Monday life


Walk through the story of the whole Bible, and how it can shape your whole life, in 50 readings with teaching, in a book, email series, or YouVersion reading plan.

Whole Life Whole Bible

A journey through Scripture in 50 readings


Encourage each other to live out your faith in the workplace with this powerful group series, including discussion videos, a participant app, and a leader’s guide.

Transforming Work

Discover a richer way of working


Every Friday, our blog reflects on news, trends, innovation, and the arts, looking for what we can learn from, celebrate, and critique in culture and every area of life.

Connecting with Culture

Our blog reflecting on weekly news, trends, innovation, and the arts


Every Monday, receive a short reflection on a passage from the Bible, with a frontline focus.

Word for the Week

Short biblical reflections with a frontline focus, straight to your inbox


Reimagine how ordinary churches can disciple people for daily life with these books for church leaders.

Whole-Life Disciplemaking

Equipping disciples for their frontlines


Non-English editions of our books, small group guides, and stories.

LICC in Translation

Our archive of available translated resources


Paul Woolley and Grace Fielding are joined by well-known experts to discuss just about everything, from AI taking over the world to what makes good stand-up, from the existential dread of ecological crisis to the simple benefits of prayer. There’s literally everything to talk about and just under an hour to talk about it!

The Whole Life Podcast

Connecting the Christian story with all of life