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Walk through the story of the whole Bible, and how it can shape your whole life, in 50 readings with teaching, in a book, email series, or YouVersion reading plan.

How well do you know God’s big story?

Where we spend most of our time – at home, at work, in the neighbourhood – matters to God and to his mission in and for the world. Far from restricting our faith to the ‘personal’ sphere, scripture shows how our lives are bound up with God’s plan to restore a broken universe. His unfolding story in the Bible forms our minds, fuels our imaginations and fashions our daily life.

This 50-day reading plan – in a book, email series, or YouVersion plan – walks you through the story of the whole Bible, and helps you reflect on how it shapes your whole life. The bite-size readings and real-life application questions help illuminate God’s plan to renew all areas of life. Written by Antony Billington, Helen Parry, and Margaret Killingray.

This is not a first telling for those who have never encountered it, but a retelling for believers who want to get to grips with the story in its entirety and consider its implications. Every reading may not have a ‘golden nugget’ of practical insight, rather the insights are found in gaining the big picture. We are called to whole-life discipleship: loving service to Christ that embraces every area of our lives. Whole Life, Whole Bible lays out the biblical basis for that comprehensive call and its implications. Whole-life discipleship is rooted in whole-Bible discipleship, shaped by our place in God’s unfolding story for us and for the world in which we live.

Introduction to Whole Life Whole Bible

This is a helpful introduction before you start your journey, explaining the sections along the way, and how the Bible’s big story impacts our whole lives as Christians today.

‘Packs a powerful theological punch and will stretch and inspire your faith. A must for every whole-life disciple and disciple maker!’

- Rachel Gardner, Relationship Lead at Youthscape, and Founder at Romance Academy
‘People can get lost in the Bible’s structure-here are some exciting clues for joined-up Bible reading.’

- Greg Haslam, Former Senior Pastor, Westminster Chapel, London
‘Provides wonderful insights into the overarching story of the Bible and helps us consider how to live on the foundation of God’s word.’

- Mark Maynell, Associate Director (Europe and Caribbean) for Langham Partnership

The Book

Written by Antony Billington with contributions from Margaret Killingray and Helen Parry, the book was first developed out of a one-year series of ‘Word for the Week’ emails. If you like something tangible to come and go from as you please, give to someone else, or to use with a small group, the book makes it easy.

Join the email journey.

If you’d like a little more accountability and prefer your devotionals digital (and free) sign up with us to receive an email with a reading and reflection each day for 50 days – the same reading and reflections as the book.

The YouVersion App

If you prefer to use your smartphone for devotional time, sign up for the Whole Life Whole Bible reading plan on the YouVersion app. YouVersion is the most popular Bible app, that many people use for looking up passages – so you may already have it on your phone. We hope many people will discover us and our whole life resources through the app.


Publishing Information

We are so thankful to BRF for allowing us to newly publish this resource through email and YouVersion.

Book and content originally published in the UK by BRF.
Whole Life Whole Bible: Journey through scripture in 50 readings

Text copyright © Antony Billington, Margaret Killingray, Helen Parry 2012
The authors assert the moral right to be identified as the authors of this work.


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