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Connecting with Culture


Every Friday, our blog reflects on news, trends, innovation, and the arts, looking for what we can learn from, celebrate, and critique in culture and every area of life.

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It’s been said that culture is ‘the way we do things around here.’

But how do we fit into or stand out from culture as Christians? How do we think about what is going on around us, and go about bringing it more into alignment with God’s kingdom? Connecting with Culture wrestles with these questions.

Our interests range wide – we discuss everything from Love Island to popular films, like Dunkirk and the God of History, to the current affairs and some of the big questions of today. Each post offers a simple thought on something relevant that week, written that week. As we reflect and ask questions, we’re looking for what we can learn from, celebrate, and critique in culture. We believe the gospel really is applicable to every single area of life. We hope you’ll find these pieces thought-provoking, informative, and maybe even a little bit life changing.

Connecting with Culture is written by a team of authors who tackle their subject matter with a refreshing variety of perspectives, church backgrounds, and expertise. Some of our previous contributors include:

Professor John Wyatt
Professor of Ethics and Perinatology at University College London

Mark Greene
LICC Mission Champion

Jo Swinney
Director of Church Communications for CPO and author of Home: the quest to belong

Nick Spencer
Research Director at Theos Think Tank

Alianore Goddard
Writer for LICC and author of Musings of a Clergy Child

Katherine Ladd
Parliamentary Assistant with the CARE Leadership Programme

Guy Brandon
Research Director at the Jubilee Centre in Cambridge

Neil Hudson
LICC Senior Associate

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