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Wisdom Labs

Following Jesus in a Sexular Age

Rage Against the Machine

Just Listening

Strength in Weakness

Shaping Culture

The Common Good

Friendship on the Frontline

Working out Justice

Explore some of our culture’s thorniest issues with your small group – so you can become wise peacemakers where you are.

Addressing topics including racial injustice, sexuality, and the role of AI, our Wisdom Labs are designed to spark a better conversation.

You probably won’t solve all the world’s problems, but you will learn how to live attractively and faithfully as a disciple in our culture.

First run as online events, we’ve adapted them for use in small groups, to help you sensitively and productively engage with the tricky subjects we all encounter in our daily contexts. They’re not about pushing a particular perspective: the goal is to listen well to our culture, the Bible, and one another, so we can respond wisely and with love.

You’ll watch the video to hear insights from Christian experts, then use the discussion guide to talk through what you’ve heard. Each Wisdom Lab also comes with a host of supporting materials to help leaders prepare, and further reading for those who want to explore in more depth.

In each, you’ll follow four steps:



How can we be listening to the world, the word, and one another, to understand why each topic carries such cultural currency?



What is a biblical perspective on the issue? How does the Bible weigh in on the matter?



How can we cultivate a faithful and kind response that engages and loves our neighbour?



How can we communicate the good news of Jesus to a world that sometimes sees it as anything but good?

Following Jesus in a Sexular Age

A better conversation about sexuality and the biblical story

Outdated and repressive? Life-giving and fulfilling? How should we understand and live biblical teaching about sexuality and marriage today? Led by Christine Woolgar, Revd Ed Shaw, Revd Steve Elmes, and Dr Dave Benson.

Rage Against the Machine

A better conversation about our relationship with technology

We use our phones every day. But do we consider how they’re using us? Is it possible that our technology is subtly teaching us what’s good, what’s evil, and what it means to be human – and, if so, how should we respond? Led by Matt Jolley and Dr Dave Benson.

Just Listening

A better conversation about faith and justice

Climate change. Racism. Economic Inequality. Kicking off with TED-style talks, this workshop grows wisdom through conversation, listening closely to justice issues facing Christians today. Led by Rt Revd Lusa Nsenga-Ngoy, Dr Ruth Valerio, and Revd Dr Dave Bookless.

Strength in Weakness

A better conversation about embracing our limitations

How can honesty about our weaknesses be our best witness in a post-pandemic world fixated on strength? Led by Revd Dr John Swinton, Revd Dr Isabelle Hamley, and Revd Dr Chris Cook.

Shaping Culture

A better conversation about bridging the gap between church and culture

How can Christians pursue the common good when public faith is suspect? This workshop helps Christians better examine and shape their cultural context. Led by Dr Dave Benson.

The Common Good

A better conversation about following Jesus amidst deep division

How might we live distinctly, whilst partnering with those around us – however different their views may be – to pursue the common good? Led by Matt Jolley, Dr Jonathan Chaplin, Dr Jenny Leith, and Hannah Rich.

Friendship on the Frontline

A better conversation about real relationships in everyday life.

In a culture of widespread loneliness, how would Jesus have us befriend those beyond the church? Led by Dr Dave Benson, Sheridan Voysey, Dr Chloe Lynch, Corin Pilling, and Phil Knox.

Working out Justice

A better conversation about seeking God’s justice in our daily lives.

With so many people in our world demanding justice, what does it look like to practically pursue justice in a distinctively Christian way? Led by LICC, IJM, Just Love, and Tearfund.

To explore the idea of triple listening in more detail, read these blog articles written by our Culture & Discipleship Director, Dr Dave Benson:

  • Part 1: How to love your culture by triple listening
  • Part 2: Listening on your frontline
  • Part 3: Imagining on your frontline
  • Part 4: Creating on your frontline
  • Part 5: Communicating on your frontline



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