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6M People

Watch true stories of God at work through ordinary Christians in everyday places – and explore what small (or big!) things God’s doing through you.

Meron driving her twentieth customer to their destination. Jan battling through the graveyard shift at the hospital. Jess coaxing her toddler to eat her broccoli.

Mundane tasks? Or something more?

The God of all things cares deeply about all the things of our lives. Day by day he works through each of us, giving us opportunities to make the world more like heaven with every email we send, every issue we fix, and every customer we serve.

In each two-minute film of the 6M People series, you’ll walk with an ordinary Christian through their daily routine and discover how they make a difference for Christ, living out the ‘6Ms of Fruitfulness’ in their ordinary tasks:

  • Modelling godly character
  • Making good work
  • Ministering grace and love
  • Moulding culture
  • Being a Mouthpiece for truth and justice
  • Being a Messenger of the gospel

The series is designed to inspire you and your church, your small group, your friends and family, with examples that bring to mind the question: what small (or big!) things could God be doing through you?

Plus, to help you think more deeply about both the videos and your own life, we’ve created two accompanying guides: one for small groups to discuss each of the 6M People’s stories, and one that’ll help you reflect on how God’s been through you in your daily tasks and places. Download them both free below.

Watch and download the videos

Meron: The Minicab Driver

For Meron, driving is a ministry of hospitality, not just transportation. She sees each customer as God-sent, modelling godly character through the patience and attentiveness she shows to the people in her vehicle.

Philippa: The Bridalwear Designer

In the tough, fast, sometimes cruel culture of fashion, kindness and gentleness radiate from Philippa. She’s technically rigorous and creatively adventurous, aspiring to excellence because God deserves our best.

Sunil: The Retiree

Sunil retired from psychiatry a year ago. For him, fruitfulness now means focusing on friendships and life-coaching – and when questions of meaning and purpose arise, lovingly sharing something of what Jesus means to him.

Jan: The Anaesthetist

Jan makes good work as she figures out the perfect dose for a patient; ministers grace and love by picking up others’ emergency calls when they’re overloaded; and works for truth and justice as she speaks out for her exhausted team.

Robert: The Plumber

Robert brings peace to people whose taps have exploded: ‘it’s going to be ok.’ He works on time and honestly, warning customers about big jobs. He does servicing free for those in difficulty – and builds real trust with those whose homes he visits.

Jessica: The New Mother

Jessica makes good work, caring for her daughter day by day. Recognising lots of mums felt isolated in lockdown, she’s moulding a compassionate online community – sharing tips and sourcing support for her followers.

Mark: The Business Owner

In his IT services company, Mark shows peace and patience under pressure, trusting God for all the challenges of running a business and treating employees and clients in a Christlike way – looking out for their needs, not just the bottom line.

Rich: The Barista

For Rich, being fruitful means creating caring community and serving quality coffee. He shows kindness to all who come in the door, even when they take their stress out on him, and he cares for his team, making the café a special place to work.

Accompanying resources

Small group discussion guide

Want to explore the stories of Meron, Philippa, Sunil, Jan, Robert, Jessica, Mark, and Rich in more depth? Then our new small group discussion guide is for you! Focused on the videos and relevant Bible passages, each session explores how God invites us to work with him for the good of the world and will help you apply lessons from the 6M people to your life. Because you can be a 6M person, too!

The 6MOT: discover fruitfulness in your own daily life

God doesn’t just work through the people in these videos – he has a purpose for you in your daily life too! Use our ‘6MOT’ reflection guide to explore how God has been working in and through you in recent months, and reimagine how you can make a difference for him right where you are. Perfect for a small group or to use on your own.

Next steps

6M People is part of our wider Fruitfulness resources, which include a book and small group series to help you explore the topic in more depth.

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Fruitfulness on the Frontline small group series

Combining biblical teaching from Mark Greene and inspiring real-life stories, these eight video-based sessions will help you and your group see how you can make a difference on your frontlines and support one another along the way.

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