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The Great Divide

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Are you affected by the great divide?

The great divide is the all-too-common belief that some parts of life are ‘sacred’ and important to God but others are ‘secular’ and irrelevant to him.

It’s a stifling, life-denying lie – but that doesn’t stop it affecting us deeply. Overcoming it – as individuals and as communities of believers – can nourish and thrill our spirits, give us a fresh sense of purpose and freedom, and release us into our everyday mission for Christ in his world.

A quick, one-sitting read, The Great Divide will break down the theology around the issue, help you see how it’s affecting you and your church, and get you inspired to start combatting it – in your own life, and in our Christian culture as a whole.

When it first appeared in 2010, it was distributed by Scripture Union and at the Lausanne Congress. Since then it has sparked a movement to challenge the sacred-secular divide in the UK church.

Today, its message is as urgent as ever. So we’ve revised and redesigned it for a new decade, complete with updated copy and a beautiful, contemporary look. Now you can share it with the people God’s put on your heart – and inspire them to embrace the full implications of the whole-life gospel.

Plus, to help you discover what it looks like to live an ‘undivided’ life – joining God’s work wherever you are – we spoke to Joëlle Warren MBE about how she makes a difference for Christ in and through her recruitment business. Read Joëlle’s interview and be inspired for how you might see your own daily life through God’s eyes.

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What next?

If you’ve been affected by the sacred-secular divide and want to live life undivided, here are some ways to continue the journey.


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