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Encourage each other to live out your faith in the workplace with this powerful group series, including discussion videos, a participant app, and a leader’s guide.

Your work matters to God.

We don’t often discuss how we can glorify and serve God in our particular industry, role, or workplace. But the Bible is full of stories about people in the workplace: Joseph, Ruth, and Daniel, to name but a few. Entrepreneurs create jobs, writers communicate truth, architects, engineers, and builders provide safety and shelter. Beyond doing good work that benefits others, we can also change the culture and atmosphere of our workplace. We can bless our bosses and co-workers. Working Christians have so many opportunities to show and share God’s love and flourish in their faith.

Transforming Work allows you to gather with other working Christians to explore the biblical view of work and how to practically apply it in your own life. It provides exercises for examining your situation through different frameworks and to discuss with peers how you can make a difference at work. Between gatherings, the app gives ways to reflect, try things out, and pray, leaving time for seeds to grow, discoveries to be made, and for God to do what only he can do.

Transforming Work is like no other workplace programme in its depth, practicality, and application. Its eight extended sessions can be spread over eight weeks, eight months, or even a year – depending on the pace your group wants to take.

Each session includes:

  • A ten-minute ‘table talk’ video on a key workplace topic (view the taster video below)
  • Interviews and stories from working Christians
  • A Bible passage and teaching on how to read it ‘through workers’ eyes’
  • Discussion questions, assessments, and activities
  • Suggestions for prayer and reflection exercises

Accompanying each session are materials on the app for going deeper and preparing for the next session.

The eight sessions cover:


Why does work matter?

A chance to look at the big picture and consider why work is so important to God.


How can I do good work?

Build a picture of what good work looks like and how our own work can be done well in worship and service to God. Discover the significance of your particular job to God.


How can I flourish at work?

Gain fresh perspective on an integrated life that helps us to flourish as we are grounded in God, in every context, including work.


How can I influence the culture of my workplace?

Discover how we can be attentive to the values that drive culture in our own workplaces, and ways we can seek to influence ‘the way things are done’ there with God’s help.


How can I improve relationships at work?

Looking at issues through a ‘relational lens’ is a deeply biblical principal. By learning to think relationally, we can often bring a godly solution to bear and be more effective when problems arise.


How can I share my faith at work?

Gain confidence in talking about Jesus with colleagues in your own working context – built on a relational model.


How can I tackle workplace issues with biblical principles?

A chance to put together what has been learnt into practice – using biblical wisdom to bear on the opportunities and challenges we face at work.


How can I remain fruitful over the long-term?

Reflect on what the group has learnt together and establish how they might continue to grow in fruitfulness at work.

Running a Transforming Work Group

Starting a group couldn’t be easier! All you need is a leader’s pack, the app, and a group of people interested in discussing how God is with them in their workplace.

Transforming Work groups are a great way to be encouraged and equipped for workplace discipleship. Along with like-minded Christians, explore what it means to be fruitful for Christ in your job and be strengthened as you seek to make a difference for him there.

And if you want to use Transforming Work in your workplace group, why not check out our condensed, lunch-break-friendly version?

Transforming Work Leaders

Leader’s Pack with DVD

The Leader’s Pack contains all the materials you need to lead a Transforming Work group.

  • Session guides, agendas, exercises, and handouts
  • Leader’s training content
  • DVD with over three hours of session videos

Transforming Work App

Ideally, everyone in your group should have a copy of the app which helps participants dig deeper and prepare for the next session. The app is free to download, while the full content can be unlocked for 99p in-app. For those without a smartphone or tablet, access to a web version is available for purchase.

  • Videos
  • Readings
  • Podcasts

Transforming Work for Workplace Groups

We’ve designed a version of Transforming Work specifically for workplace groups. Download it for free below, and use alongside the Leader’s Pack.

Marketing Materials

Download three short films and a poster which you can use to send to a group, in church, or as part of advertising your group


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