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Resources to help grow a worker-friendly church

Where do the people in your church engage with the world each day?

Where has God placed them to be salt and light? Many go to work, where there’s lots of opportunity but it’s often a tough place to be a Christian. So how well are we equipping them to make a difference there?

We want to help Christians to be intentional, discerning and confident in their daily work.

Offering a compelling vision and a theology of work that gets to grips with the opportunities and challenges they face there is a great place to start. But we also need to sustain work as part of the normal rhythms of gathered church life, and equip people to connect with God in word and prayer.

To help your church to do this well, we’ve pulled together a set of resources in each of these areas. Take a look through the list and see what’s most helpful to you – there’s a lot here, so don’t feel pressure to use it all!

Each item on the list is designed to give you inspiration, practical ideas, and new perspective on how gathered church can equip working Christians to make a difference in and through their jobs. Because through his people, out there in all their different workplaces, God is moving.

  • Thank God it’s Monday – A deeply insightful and humorous dive into the opportunities work offers to join in with God’s vision.
  • Fruitfulness on the Frontline –  Discover how to live as a fruitful disciple in the workplace. A DVD and small group resource resource are also available.
  • Whole Life Worship – How to connect your Sunday services with Monday life – from their biblical foundations through to practical ideas.
  • Every Good Endeavour – Explore the theology of work, with case studies in different industries and sectors.
  • Work Matters: Lessons from Scripture – Explores work theology through the stories of Old and New Testament biblical characters.
Courses and days for workers in your church
  • Executive Toolbox – A three-module course run by LICC, equipping mid- to senior-level workplace leaders for fruitful discipleship.
  • Emerging Leaders – A three-module course run by LICC, helping young professionals step into their first leadership positions at work.
  • ReWork – A one-day event aimed at people in the first decade of work, helping young professionals find out how they can make a real difference in their workplace.
Training for church leaders
  • Whole Life Preaching – An in-depth, self-led video training series for preachers looking to connect gathered worship with all of life, including work.
  • Making Disciples for Everyday Life – Eight case studies from churches across the UK who are focused on equipping people for their daily life and work, sharing their experiences and advice for success.
  • Making Disciples for the Workplace – Discover tested ways for churches to envision and empower working Christians to live, apply, and share God’s whole-life gospel, day by working day.
Resources for Sundays
  • Frontline Sundays – Everything you need to lead five Sunday services that will affirm, celebrate, and inspire your congregation for everyday mission, wherever they are.
  • Whole Life Worship Journey Pack – Five adaptable service plans to help each and every person in your church recognise the value of their work, activities, and relationships in God’s economy
  • Workplace Sundays – Outlines and resources for running a Sunday worship service themed around work.
  • Commissioning Services – Ideas and liturgies to help you run a service that commissions people into their jobs.
Resources for church small groups
  • Transforming Work – A relational small group course for working Christians, run as eight sessions over a year.
  • Launched – A group study giving students a vision for whole-life discipleship at uni, in all the detail of their study and daily life
  • Routed – A group study to help students transition from uni to work with God, carrying their faith into their career
  • Growing on the Frontline – An eight-session group course that will help people grow more like Jesus where they are
Resources for workplace groups
  • If anyone in your congregation runs a workplace Christian group, recommend these specially designed discussion guides
Prayer journeys

Daily reflections served direct to your inbox or via the YouVersion app.

  • Working from Rest – Explore the reasons for restlessness, God’s gift of rest, and how your work – in your job, your home, or your street – can flow from that place of rest and connection with him.
  • Routed in Prayer – A prayer journey for the first two weeks of a new job, to help you start well and see your new job through God’s eyes
  • Navigating Transition – This prayer journey will help you navigate times of transition with God – and grow your trust in him.


Downloads for church leaders

Workplace Survey Tool

A ready-made survey to help you understand more about the working life of your church.

Workplace visit guide

Planning visits to people’s workplaces, in three easy steps.

Presence, Pressure, Purpose

A model for praying with working people.

Downloads for workers

Reflective exercises

A guide for using reflective journaling and the Prayer of Examen for workers.

Questions for workers

Questions to help working Christians read the Bible with an awareness of their work context.

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