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Emerging Leaders 2022


Module 1: 28-29 Jan 2022

Module 2: 29-30 Apr 2022

Module 3: 15-16 Jul 2022


People can attend at Hinsley Hall in Leeds, or in local hubs virtually

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A course for young adults taking on their first workplace leadership roles, equipping them to make a difference for God in and through their jobs. 

Imagine how our world might change if a Gospel-inspired and Spirit-empowered generation of young professionals took the lead at work.

Now imagine being a part of that generation.

That might seem unbelievable. You’ve only just figured out what you’re meant to be doing, and leadership is a whole new ballgame.

Imposter syndrome often rears its head: You might be questioning if that’s really you, if you’re equipped to deliver, or if any of it has anything to do with being a Christian.

But God has a purpose for you where you are. He has prepared in advance the good work he wants you to do. And he wants to help you, and those around you, flourish as he intended, as you take the lead at work.

Emerging Leaders is a programme to help you discover that truth for yourself. To see your work through God’s eyes and take the lead with a relevant faith and impactful presence. In three 24-hour residentials across six months, you’ll grow the biblical wisdom, practical skills, and spiritual habits needed to make a difference for Christ in your job. And Emerging Leaders isn’t just taught, it’s lived: you’ll be assigned to a mentoring triplet that’ll give you ongoing support and the chance to reflect on how what you’re learning is worked out in practice.

You’ll also have the opportunity to receive personalised coaching from the Emerging Leaders team, to help you reflect on the shape and strengths of your leadership, and how you can be fruitful for Christ in your workplace.

Emerging Leaders has been designed as a hybrid course and includes the three modules, four mentoring sessions and two 1:1 coaching conversations. Prices to be confirmed. Bursaries are available subject to application.

Any questions? Drop us an email to to find out more, and check out this year’s course schedule below

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