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To be confirmed

Calling all Christians in your first decade of work!

On a decent week, you might spend four hours with other Christians at church.

On an average week, you’ll probably spend forty plus hours with your colleagues at work.

We’re looking for a sense of meaning and purpose in life, but many of us struggle to connect the work we do and the faith we profess.

So does your work even matter to God?

And does it look like to show up to your work as a Christian?

ReWork is a day event to help you answer those questions – built on the conviction that God didn’t create you to just survive your work, but to thrive in it.

The day will combine imagination-expanding teaching and conversation with mentors in your sector. There will be music, lunch and doughnuts through the day.

ReWork is the ideal opportunity to meet Christians in the first decade of their working lives and discover together how to show up to work with a sense of purpose that goes far beyond earning a paycheck.

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