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Does God really care about my job?

How can I integrate my Christian faith into my work?

How does my desire to succeed, my ambition, fit alongside the call to seek first the Kingdom of God?

How can I invest well in my future career?

These are the questions on the minds of many young professionals. For Christians in their 20s, the workplace presents a whole host of unique challenges – issues of integrity, discipleship, ambition, relationships, and more.

Re:Work is a day conference for 20-somethings run by LICC. Now in its fourth year, it seeks to support young professionals along their career journey, encouraging and equipping them for discipleship in the workplace.

Hosted in the heart of Nottingham’s creative quarter, this conference not only explores pressing questions of modern-day discipleship and applies them to the workplace, but also offers the chance to spend 90 minutes with a mentor in a similar sector.

Come ready to worship, hear real-life stories, study the Bible, and connect with other young professionals, journeying together as we seek to live for Jesus as Christians in the workplace.

Dates for 2021 to be confirmed

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