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Commissioning Services

The Church has a rich tradition of recognizing people’s ministry. For the most part, however, these ministries have been confined to the life of the gathered church.

It has, therefore, been tempting to think that the church has ‘ministers’ – who do get recognized – and then ‘the others’ – who don’t. We want to emphasize that the whole of the body of Christ has ministry in common. The body of Christ is called, gifted and sent to serve Christ in the world.

So we are all ‘in ministry’. It’s just that for most of us it will not be in a church building. We all need to keep on learning how to minister on our frontlines; we all need the ongoing support from our brothers and sisters; we all are sent; we all want to be held accountable to the promises that we make. A commissioning service can illuminate these truths in a tangible way. They can take many forms. Here’s an example of a set of commitments that might be made in such a service.

Do you believe in one God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit and do you confess Jesus Christ as your Saviour and Lord?
Response: We do.

Do you believe that God has called you to the places where you live, work and play?
Response: We do.

Will you own your ministry on your frontline?
Response: We will.

Will you live to reflect the life of Jesus by Modelling godly character?
Response: By the grace of God we will.

Will you commit to Making good work with all your heart, as working for the Lord?
Response: By the grace of God we will.

Will you join God in what he is already doing in our world by Ministering grace and love to those who are not expecting it?
Response: By the grace of God we will.

Will you look to Mould culture where you live, work and play so that they are places where others thrive?
Response: By the grace of God we will

When the need arises will you be a Mouthpiece of truth and justice for those who need you?
Response: By the grace of God we will.

Will you be a Messenger of the gospel sharing your own story and giving reasons for the hope that you have?
Response: By the grace of God we will.

Father, thank you for the offer of new life in Christ. Thank you for giving my life renewed purpose – for transforming the way I see my daily work, my relationships and my leisure time. Thank you for all those who have showed and shared your good news with me. Now Lord, help me to live a fruitful life on my frontline – the frontline that you have called me to. Lord through me would you draw others to know you; stretch out your mighty hand to do great works in the places where I live, work and play and give me the courage and the presence of mind to share you each day through my actions, my speech and my behaviour. For your glory may it be so. Amen