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Bible Studies

The Gateway Seven Series

Worshipping the God of All in All of Life

Whole Life Whole Bible

The Whole of Life for Christ

Whole Life Worship Study Guide

1 Thessalonians Study Guide

Word for the Week Series

Our Bible study guides and publications all grouped together in one place. Watch this space as we continue to update it with new releases.

The Gateway Seven Series

A study series on seven books of the Bible, covering seven genres, with a whole-life discipleship focus: Proverbs (Wisdom), Exodus (Law), 1 Peter (Letters), Ezekiel (Prophecy), Ruth (Narrative), Mark (Gospel), and Revelation (Apocalyptic).

Worshipping the God of All in All of Life

Six studies in David’s Psalms to help you appreciate the God of all in fresh ways, and bring your whole life to him in grateful worship. Edited by Mark Greene and with contributions from Antony Billington, Tracy Cotterell, Joe Warton, and Pippa James.

Whole Life Whole Bible

A journey through the whole of the bible in 50 readings and reflections by Antony Billington with Margaret Killingray and Helen Parry. It illuminates how our lives are bound up with, and shaped by, God’s plan to restore a broken universe.

The Whole of Life for Christ

Seven Bible studies to explore and live out the marvellous truth that the gospel is an invitation into whole-life discipleship; into a life following and imitating Jesus.

Whole Life Worship Study Guide

A five-session study guide, with accompanying short films to fuel your imagination and study together. They link to and complement Whole Life Worship, but also work as a stand alone resource. Buy the printed guides or download for free.

1 Thessalonians Study Guide

A set of Bible study questions on 1 Thessalonians that can be used alongside a sermon series. Born out of our popular ‘Bible Day’ format, these form part of a ‘preaching pack and study guide’ downloadable for free here.

Word for the Week Series

We release compilations of our weekly ‘Word for the Week’ emails online, with reflections for individuals or groups. Explore some of our favourites here, and keep checking back as we regularly add more!


Six-part series exploring what Amos can teach us about living for God in the context he has placed us.

Questions Jesus Asked

A four-part series on how Jesus used questions to change people’s thinking and open their eyes to new possibilities.

Mark: Living the Way of Jesus in the World

A four-part series inspired by our latest Gateway Seven bible study guide. Discover how to live the way of Jesus in your daily life.

Encounters with Jesus

How does Jesus approach people? Dive deep into the stories of four people who met Jesus in this four-part series.

Refreshing Prayer

A three-part series looking at how prayer refreshes, restores, and refocuses us.

Everyday Justice

Six-part series exploring how Christians can and should work to bring about justice in our communities.

Back to the Future

How do the stories of the Old Testament reflect the times we live in now – and equip us to live faithfully today? Find out in our four-part series.

Wisdom for Life

Four-part series sharing wisdom and life lessons from Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Job, and Corinthians – to equip you for fruitful living in your own contexts.


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