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The Full Gateway Seven Set

A study series on seven books of the Bible, covering seven genres, with a whole-life discipleship focus.


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We don’t read a novel the same way we read a legal document.

We don’t read poetry in the same way we might read a letter from a friend. So, we don’t read the 66 books of the Bible as if they were all the same kind of writing. Story, song, law, letter, and more, all make up the rich repository of writing that together is God’s word to us. Each type plays a different role in shaping our minds, hearts, imaginations, and actions. Together, they deepen our reading of the whole Bible and open a gateway to new biblical application for our lives – seven days a week.

For The Gateway Seven series we’ve selected seven books of the Bible representing seven genres: Proverbs (Wisdom), Exodus (Law), 1 Peter (Letters), Ezekiel (Prophecy), Ruth (Narrative), Mark (Gospel), and Revelation (Apocalyptic). The series, beginning with Proverbs, will offer study guides for each of the books with a whole-life discipleship perspective.

The mini-features sprinkled through the studies, along with the questions and thoughts for discussion, help you understand each book within its background and genre as well as the content of the book itself. Each study has been crafted with the same desire: to offer a gateway to a deeper love of God’s word and richer insights into its implications for all of life, Monday through Sunday.

Share with the church, keep your own.

Perfect for on-your-own study, small groups, or to integrate with a preaching series, these beautiful, keep-able books are designed so everyone can have their own copy to make notes in, reflect further, and go deeper in study.

Get multiple copies for your small group.

Get discounts on multipacks of each individual Gateway Seven study – check out Proverbs, 1 Peter, Exodus, Ezekiel, Ruth, Revelation, and Mark on our shop!

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