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LICC’s Church Team works with hundreds of church leaders, helping them to grow whole-life disciplemaking churches through teaching, workshops, and resources.

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By church leaders, for church leaders

We’ve been there. We know the rush and pressure of day-to-day ministry, the joy of helping people grow in their faith, the stress of keeping the lights on and the rotas filled. Across the UK and a whole range of church streams, we’ve lived the highs and lows of church leadership.

Through it all, we’ve seen the amazing difference it makes when we disciple people for every part of their lives – equipping them to join in God’s mission in their ordinary tasks and relationships, as well as in gathered church activities. Sending out ‘whole-life disciples’ to embody the gospel, right where they are.

Gathered time for scattered mission

98% of Christians spend 95% of their waking lives on their ‘frontlines’ – in shops and schools and shelters, in homes and offices and gyms – with people who don’t know Jesus.

It’s the expression of church outside the building; the church ‘scattered’ in the world. It’s vitally interconnected with church meeting together; church ‘gathered’. We’re part of a movement that’s helping churches connect gathered church with the whole congregation when scattered.

About LICC

We're on your team

In our own ministry and through LICC’s work with thousands of churches across the country, we’ve built up a bank of wisdom and expertise. We know how to grow and sustain a culture that nurtures whole-life disciples. And we’re here to help you do just that – so we might see our churches thriving and our nation transformed.

Whatever you need, from in-depth consultancy and group training to resources for Sundays and small groups – we’ve got you covered.


Book a speaker or consultant

We offer one-to-one meetings and tailored seminars, and often feature as invited speakers at everything from intimate church weekends away to national conferences. Fill in the form to invite a speaker for your event, or drop an email to [email protected] to discuss how we can provide bespoke support for your church.

Join our community

Whatever your role at church, our Church Leaders’ Facebook Group is for you! It’s a space for leaders to connect, share expertise, and encourage one another – all so we can grow fruitful whole-life disciples in our churches. Get plugged in today.


Our workshops and ‘learning hubs’ help you and other leaders form what happens on a Sunday to equip your congregation for their lives Monday to Saturday. We currently offer four workshops – bookable at times and locations that suit you – and longer, centralised ‘learning hubs’.


Imagine Church Envisioning Days

Growing a whole-life disciplemaking church

Lunchtime Webinars


Catch the vision


Explore church leaders’ answers to eight frequently-asked questions about whole-life disciplemaking.

Books on whole-life disciplemaking

Foundational resources that reimagine how churches can equip people for whole-life discipleship.

Articles on church leadership

For whole churches

Frontline Sundays

Five service plans with companion short films, sermon notes, activities, small group studies, and giveaways.

Whole Life Worship

Connect your Sunday services with Monday life - from their biblical foundations through to practical ideas - with this leader’s pack, book, and small group series.


Whole Life Preaching

Six short videos on the power of preaching for everyday life.

Preaching Packs & Sermon Outlines

Preaching resources to help fuel your congregation as whole-life disciples.

Preach Magazine

Free download of a special edition of Whole Life Preaching.

Small groups

Fruitfulness on the Frontine

These eight video-based sessions will help groups see how they can make a difference on their frontlines and support one another along the way.

Transforming Work

This eight session video based course will help workers in your congregation discover why their work matters to God.

Growing on the Frontline

The Gateway Seven Series




Wisdom Labs

Support our work

Would you like to support LICC’s growing ministry by making a monthly or one-off gift? Friends of LICC make donations of £10 a month or more (but do join us with regular gifts at any level). This is a special gift to us because it helps us plan and manage our resources wisely.

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