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Your work matters to God.

LICC’s Workplace Team runs training, creates resources, and speaks all around the country to help people see their work through God’s eyes.

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Work isn’t easy, but it’s full of opportunity.

Our work is the means by which God gets done what he wants done in the world: people fed, housed, clothed, informed, educated…

Our work contributes towards God’s purposes, towards human flourishing, and towards care of his creation. Your work matters.

It also matters to God because you matter to God, your colleagues matter to God, and the organisation you work in matters to God. Our work isn’t perfect, our companies aren’t perfect, we aren’t perfect, but Jesus is good news for all of it. The restoration he brings, the redemption he brings, the truth and justice, the hope. And all these things he can bring through you.

We want to help you recognise all the ways God could be (and already is) at work in your work.


Work: The Bigger Picture

God is intensely interested in how each of us uses the talents, resources, power, opportunities, and freedoms he’s given us at work.

Mark Greene, LICC’s Mission Champion, explains the bigger picture.



A discipleship day conference for young professionals

Executive Toolbox

A course for those in mid-to-senior level leadership

Emerging Leaders

A course for those in their 20s-30s starting out in leadership at work

Discover more events on a wide range of engaging, relevant, and thought-provoking topics.

Events & Training


We’d love to connect with you. Get in touch with one of the team to find out more about how we can help you at work.

Invite a speaker

Arrange a speaker for your church, workplace group, or student group by completing our speaker request form.

Speaker Request


Small Groups

Transforming Work

A distinctive group resource with long-term impact on you and your workplace

Fruitfulness on the Frontline

A fresh and original framework for discipleship in everyday life

Routed: Journeying into Work with God

Give students a vision for life after uni with this small group resource

Launched: Journeying through Uni with God

A group study giving students a vision for whole-life discipleship at uni

Workplace Groups

Our top recommended resources for your workplace group


Workplace Sunday

Explore creative ways your church can support working people through your Sunday gatherings

Disciples at Work Workshop

Explore how our church team could help your church value, equip, and commission your people for their workplaces

Why not use our small group resources to encourage and equip other working Christians in your church?

Small Group Resources



Fruitfulness on the Frontline

Explore how your work ‘frontline’ can be fruitful in unexpected ways, for God’s rich purposes, using our 6M framework.

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Thank God it's Monday

Mark Greene’s classic book is a fun, purposeful exploration of mission and ministry at work.

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Fit for Life: A Prayer Journey for Workers

We wouldn’t expect to get physically fit without putting in some work. The same goes for getting spiritually fit – so this journey encourages us in our own spiritual growth and vitality.

Pray for Life: A Prayer Journey

It can be hard to know where to begin when praying for colleagues to know God for themselves. This 40-day journey guides us in how to pray for those on our frontlines to become spiritually alive.

Working from Rest

Sabbath rest is essential to our identity as God’s people: a gift to refresh us and equip us for good work. This prayer journey will help you explore the reasons for restlessness, God’s gift of rest, and how your work – in your job, your home, or your street – can flow from that place of rest and connection with him.

Navigating Transition

From a new marriage to a job loss, transition can feel like a rough sea, full of ups and downs. Whether you’re excited or fearful, prayer is vital to help you navigate change. This prayer journey will help you navigate times of transition with God – and grow your trust in him.

Invest in Love

This prayer journey focuses on investing time in receiving God’s love, being changed by that love, and responding to that love.

Routed in Prayer

The first two weeks in a new job are a whirlwind. But they’re also an opportunity to discover how your work, workplace, and fellow workers matter to God in ways you hadn’t imagined.

Our prayer journeys will help you pray with renewed energy, creativity, and faith for your workplace.

Prayer Journeys


For workers...

Discover a Richer Way of Working

What is God's purpose for work?


Five Things to do at Work

Five simple things you can do at work this week.


Bible through Workers’ Eyes

What does the Bible have to say about my work?


For those starting work...

Lost in Transition?

An article exploring the start of working life.


Five Things for Starting Work

Five great things to help you thrive at the start of working life.


Doing Business with God

Chris Gilles tells us about the 36 years he spent working in financial services.


See more articles & videos on work, and workplace examples.

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