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Discover resources and training to encourage and equip you to live your whole life – where you live and learn, work and play, shop and serve – for the glory of God.

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With Christ, there is no ordinary.

Every encounter, every task, every situation brims with divine possibility.

We have a dream that every Christian would go out into their bit of God’s world confident that God can work through them, confident that Jesus is good news for the people they meet, good news for the things they do, good news for the organisations they engage in.

But many Christians are unaware of just how much God is already doing in and through them in their everyday lives.

If you don’t know us well, you can read a great introduction to one of our helpful frameworks for thinking about how God can work through us. We call it ‘the 6Ms’.

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Listening to God’s word is at the heart of being a disciple of Jesus.

We believe the Bible speaks to all of our lives. Explore our Bible resources and discover how your Monday-to-Sunday life fits into the big story of God’s mission.

The Gateway Seven Series

A study series on seven books of the Bible, covering seven genres, with a whole-life discipleship focus.

Word for the Week

Every Monday, receive a short reflection on a passage from the Bible, with a frontline focus.

Whole Life Whole Bible

Walk through the story of the whole Bible, and how it can shape your whole life, in 50 readings with teaching - in a book, email series, or YouVersion reading plan.

The Whole of Life for Christ

A set of seven Bible studies to explore and live out the marvellous truth that the gospel is an invitation into whole-life discipleship; into a life following and imitating Jesus.

LICC Bible Days

Join us for one of our termly Bible Day workshops, where we study a book of the Bible together. We’ll explore its context and message, and how to apply it to contemporary life. View our upcoming in-person and online Bible Days on our events calendar.


Being a disciple in contemporary culture is far from simple.

So how do we live in a way that’s faithful to God and sensitive to the people we encounter day by day? How can we cultivate the culture we’re in to be more like the kingdom of God? Check out these resources – designed to help you engage fruitfully right where you are.


Connecting with Culture

Every Friday, our blog reflects on news, trends, innovation, and the arts, looking for what we can learn from, celebrate, and critique in culture and every area of life.

LICC Evening Events

Check out our regular events focusing on challenges and opportunities facing Christians in contemporary Britain, from politics to tech, from finance to fashion. Events are either held online or at our London HQ (near Bond Street).

Prayer Journeys

Our prayer journeys – available via email and on YouVersion – are designed to spark your imagination and encourage you to pray, via short daily prayer prompts. Themes include being spiritually fit in the workplace, trusting God, seeking wisdom, living worshipfully, and praying for friends and colleagues to believe.

Fruitfulness on the Frontline

Delve into the rich ways God works in and through us right where we are using our fresh, simple ‘6M’ framework. Study the book or use the small group course together.

Life on the Frontline

Discover together how we as Christians can make a difference wherever we are and identify our own frontlines with this video-based small group series.

Whole Life Worship Small Group Studies

This five-session series of small group Bible studies explores the connections between worship and everyday life.


An in-depth course to develop your skills in biblical, cultural, and spiritual engagement – all for your own frontline context.

Key articles

What is a Whole-Life Disciple?

Learn what it means to live as a disciple of Christ – day by day.


What are Spiritual Practices?

Get experimental with our simple guide.


Wise Peacemakers

How to love your culture by triple listening.


Culture Making with God

Immerse yourself in the biblical story, and embrace the call to culture-making!


Just Listening

Revisit John Stott's Issues Facing Christians Today.


Everyday Justice

What does godly justice look like in our day-to-day lives?




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