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Life on the Frontline

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Participant’s Guide

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Discover together how we as Christians can make a difference wherever we are and identify our own frontlines with this video-based small group series.

Whoever we are, as Christians, we each have a ‘frontline’.

Your frontline is the place where you spend much of your time, where you meet people who don’t know Jesus. It’s the place God has called you, the place of possibility and potential. We may be old or young, healthy or infirm, employed or not – we still have a ‘frontline’. A place God has put us.

Often though, we don’t see our frontlines in this light. But just imagine what the impact might be on our neighbourhoods, workplaces, schools – on the whole nation – if we could help each other make a difference for Christ in these places. Imagine how God could work through you, right where you are.

Life on the Frontline has helped over 100,000 Christians across the UK and worldwide discover their own frontlines. Discover and discuss yours with the help of your small group through this six-session video-based small group series. Each session combines a short video, discussion material, Bible teaching, and real-life stories of people who live their lives for Christ on their frontlines.

Six Sessions


The Frontline Call

What is my Frontline and why does it matter?


The Frontline Commission

What happens when life on our Frontline feels difficult?


The Frontline Community

How does our church life equip us for our lives when we are apart?


The Frontline Concern

How do you know what to do on your Frontline?


The Frontline Cry

How does our Frontline shape our prayers?


The Frontline Commitment

How can we sustain our commitment to one another on the Frontline?

Meet Anne. She’s perfectly ordinary. Or that’s what she thinks...

Life on the Frontline DVD Cover

Life on the Frontline

Six short videos that introduce each small group session’s core idea, Bible passage, and a real-life story of the concept in action, using a combination of quirky animations and live action teaching, 8-10 minutes each. The first video – Meet Anne, viewable above – is a five-minute introduction to the whole series, great for inviting the whole church to experience Life on the Frontline.

‘My church and my leadership have been transformed by heightening the importance of where people are day by day, and commissioning them to be there as Jesus’ disciples.’ - Paul
‘Realising that I have a frontline has been so releasing for me as a person. It’s been life-changing to recognise my calling and my mission.’ - Elaine
Leaders Guide Cover

Leader’s Guide

Ideal for planning and leading each week, each session guide includes a summary of the central thought, a Bible reflection, discussion questions, focus for prayer and frontline takeaway. The leader’s guide includes extra questions to help create a safe space and guide good discussion about how the God who acted in the Bible can be at work among ordinary people like us today. Each session is planned for between 75 – 90 minutes.

Participant’s Guide

Each participant can use one of these, for their own copy of each session’s central thought, a Bible reflection, discussion questions, focus for prayer, and frontline takeaway. We encourage each participant to ask serious questions and talk about the joys and difficulties we each encounter on our Frontlines.


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