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Christians making a difference: an interview with drummer Ed Hendry

God works through his people wherever they are. Here’s how one Christian is making a kingdom difference through music.

Q: How did you come across LICC?

A couple of years ago, an LICC speaker delivered the talks at our weekend away. They were brilliant! So many of the things he shared have shaped the way I view my work and faith today.

Q: What difference has it made?

LICC has helped me understand that God is already at work on my frontline as a freelance drummer. Incredibly, I get to be an ambassador for Christ to the artists I work with. And I now know that I have a God-given purpose whichever stage I play on, whether that’s at church, a festival, or a club. I hadn’t understood that before I connected with LICC, and it’s been a real game-changer.

Q: What does this look like in your everyday?

As a drummer, I’ve grown to realise that the Spirit is at work through my music. That’s true whether I’m playing at church in a worship set on Sunday, or on stage in front of 40,000 people with a non-Christian artist in a foreign country. It’s still worship.

After hearing through LICC that God wants me to partner with him in all that I do, I’ve since started to ask the question, ‘How could I partner with the Spirit in my approach to drumming?’ Live music is so emotive. Hearing it at a gig can produce joy, calmness, excitement, sadness, amongst other emotions. The way I play affects this response, so it’s always my desire to steward the gift God has given me well by playing to the best of my ability.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if, like Ed, every Christian felt equipped to live out their God-given purpose, right where they are? Your support for LICC can change lives not only on stage, but in communities and workplaces far and wide.

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