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Making Disciples for Everyday Life

Explore church leaders’ answers to eight frequently-asked questions about whole-life disciplemaking.


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NOTE: This is a print collection of articles that can also be accessed free online.

Make disciples. Disciples who live and love in Jesus’ ways wherever they are, whatever they’re doing, whoever they’re with. Jesus did it. He calls us to do the same. We want to… But questions abound.

What would it look like in a church like ours? How do we make sure it’s not just one more flash in the pan? Will a focus on mission beyond the church kill our church-based initiatives? How could I even begin to make time for this?

Addressing eight questions church leaders often ask, this book shares experiences of leaders who are making progress in equipping people to follow Jesus in their Monday to Saturday lives. Honest and open about the joys and challenges, what emerges is a heartening picture of local churches growing in fruitfulness as they become disciple-forming communities.

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