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Jesus Died to Save the Planet

Why the gospel is good news for all creation and whole-life discipleship is the true solution to the climate crisis
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The gospel isn’t just good news for humanity. It’s good news for the whole planet.

The breakdown of the earth’s climate and ecology is deeply rooted in human sin. Yet all too often we treat protecting nature as a fringe issue – a specialist topic that some Christians care about, not an essential part of the church’s mission.

But Jesus died and rose to reconcile and renew all things – people, animals, plants, and the earth itself. That means that helping creation flourish is central to following him. We must live our whole lives in line with God’s mission: for his glory and the good of the entire world.

Clear-eyed, biblical, and hopeful, this essay will help you rediscover God’s good purposes for his world, achieved through Jesus’ work on the cross. And in response, it will inspire you to Christlike action.


‘There is a prophetic, Jeremiah-like urgency to this essay, calling the church to wake up and get serious about this issue. But, also like Jeremiah, Paul Kunert calls for repentance and holds out hope.’

Chris Wright, Global Ambassador, Langham Partnership


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About the author

Born and bred in the UK, Paul Kunert has been working in Africa’s electricity sector for the last 25 years in various senior leadership roles, developing, financing, building, and managing major power plants in countries all over the continent. He is a chartered accountant and has a degree in economics and politics. He is married to Tara and they have three grown-up children.

For a long time – far too long – he’d seen ‘climate change’ as a secondary concern, not something very high on God’s to-do list. Either world leaders were on top of it, or it wasn’t that big of an issue anyway. Or worse still, maybe God wasn’t that bothered. When the truth about climate and ecological breakdown – and God’s purpose for his creation and the full extent of the work of Christ on the cross – finally hit home, he realised he couldn’t have been more wrong.

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As well as buying multiple print copies to give away, you can also share Jesus Died to Save the Planet digitally. It’s available free online or as a PDF download, and also comes with discussion questions and next steps for church leaders.

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