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Jesus Died to Save the Planet: Discussion questions

Now you’ve read Jesus Died to Save the Planet, discussing it with others is a great way to explore how you can respond to its message in your everyday life. Get a group together and chat through the questions below – perhaps in your regular small group, with like-minded peers, or perhaps your church leadership team.

  1. Before reading the essay, had you thought much about the fact that we should care for the planet because Jesus died and rose to save everything he made – not just because God mandates it in Genesis 1 and 2, and because Jesus commanded us to love our neighbour? If not, how does that perspective change the way you think about creation care?
  2. God’s mission, achieved by Jesus’ death and resurrection, is the prosperity and flourishing of the whole earth. If you’re part of a church:
    – How far does your mission statement (or similar) reflect that mission?
    – How does that affect the teaching, programmes, and activities of the church?
    – How does it affect what your church says about climate and ecological breakdown?
  1. The Gospels show us that Jesus, who came not to be served but to serve, has become ruler of the whole earth. How does recognising that he’s King affect the way you live your everyday life – working, resting, and playing?
  2. God’s plan for the renewal of all things will one day be completed. All things will be made new and the good rule of the servant King will at last be uncontested. How does this affect how you choose to act now?
  3. If you’re in church leadership, how could you make the flourishing of the whole earth more central to your mission and teaching? And if you’re not in church leadership, how do you think you could work with your leadership team to make it more central?

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