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Jesus Died to Save the Planet

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Our planet is at breaking point. There’s no planet B, but there is hope for God’s world. Because Jesus died to save the planet.

We’re facing climate and ecological breakdown caused by human overconsumption. Rampant wildfires, tumbling biodiversity, and rapidly escalating temperatures are just a few reminders that our planet is at breaking point.

But all too often, the church treats protecting the earth as a ‘nice-to-have’ rather than a foundational outworking of the gospel. Urgent action is required, and that change must start in the church.

This powerful essay by Paul Kunert reclaims the foundational truth that the gospel is good news for the whole of creation. By focusing on human interests over all else God has made, we fail to recognise the full redemptive reach of Jesus’ sacrifice. We need to embrace the full, holistic scope of the gospel – living in line with the truth that Jesus is King of all things, and came to save all he has made.

Read on to discover how you can make kingdom-like decisions in your everyday life that will help the earth flourish. Then share your new perspective with your church family, discuss how it’ll shape your everyday choices, and advocate for changed messaging from the pulpit and in policy – for the good of the whole planet and the glory of God.


‘There is a prophetic, Jeremiah-like urgency to this essay, calling the church to wake up and get serious about this issue. But, also like Jeremiah, Paul Kunert calls for repentance and holds out hope.’

Chris Wright, Global Ambassador, Langham Partnership


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Church leaders: take action with these next steps

Three strategic steps churches can take to respond to the message of Jesus Died to Save the Planet.

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