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This Time Tomorrow

Here’s an easy idea you could start straight away with minimal planning. The aim of TTT is to build a community concerned with all of life, where whole-life disciples can emerge and grow. And here’s a group of churches who’ve had fun with it.

How it works.

Once a month, during a normal worship service, the leader interviews a member of the congregation for two minutes asking these questions:

  • Where will you be ‘This Time Tomorrow?’
  • What do you do there?
  • What are your challenges and joys?
  • How can we pray for you?

The interviewees don’t need to be high-flying professionals. It’s usually best to start with people doing ordinary work in ordinary places. Make sure you include people whose daily occupation may not be paid, such as stay-at-home mums and dads, or retirees.

Why is TTT so powerful?

  • It acknowledges, affirms, and honours the interviewee. It tells them that what they do every day is important to the leader, the church, and important to God. It makes the ordinary person the hero – you can tell a church’s culture by its heroes.
  • As TTT becomes an embedded practice the whole congregation recognises that ordinary Christians doing ordinary things are valuable to God. These stories and prayer requests become part of the culture.
  • TTT creates new conversations. It gives people who didn’t know the interviewee an easy way to talk to them, and perhaps to share similar challenges, insight, or encouragement.
  • TTT not only triggers new conversations, it triggers a new kind of conversation. Issues that are often considered to be off the spiritual agenda – work, futility, failure, success, relationships, mission in daily life – are validated as legitimate topics for conversation and prayer.

Develop the slot further

Task members of your congregation to interview one another, send in selfies from their frontlines or even film themselves there.