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Case Study | London Diocese

It was a bold move.

In 2013, the Bishop of London launched a seven-year vision for the Diocese – Capital Vision 2020. It was a multi-faceted strategy for mission and growth in their patch of the capital city. Key amongst the goals that they had determined to work towards was this:

To equip and commission 100,000 ambassadors representing Jesus in daily life.

The diocese is investing incredible energy and creativity around this goal. They recognised it would require a whole series of activities and support. But central to them all would be the growth of whole-life disciplemaking communities. Since 2013, LICC’s Imagine Church Team has worked with the Diocese to develop a series of Learning Hubs which help church leadership teams

  • Negotiate and navigate culture change in the life of their local church
  • Embed the practices that see whole-life disciples emerge through the ministry of the local church.

We’ve been able to support the Diocese in a variety of ways beyond the Hubs such as consultancy, a prayer journey, a key publication, and Right Where You Are.

What have they discovered? In Diocesan Project Leader, Debbie Clinton’s words:

‘People are already doing amazing work for God on their frontlines. By envisioning them right where they are we can bless them and the people and places of their week even more.  As we commission people, when it’s done authentically they feel valued and inspired. And the stories they bring back, when we allow time and space to tell them, change us bit by bit. 125 churches have joined in, that’s more than a quarter, 15,000 people have been commissioned.  For clergy, when they’ve really taken this seriously, it’s been surprisingly freeing. It’s encouraged growth, giving and serving without focussing on these things.  And collectively it’s a joy to hear how churches are increasingly encouraging people to be authentic Christians, making a difference where they are.’

We’d encourage you to visit their website to find out more about Capital Vision 2020  and watch some of the wonderful stories of people making a difference where they are, bishops visiting people on their frontlines, and the resources they offer. We think they’re inspirational and are thrilled we’ve been part of their journey.

LICC work with Dioceses around the country through a range of formal and informal training and knowledge transfer partnerships. The Imagine Church Learning Hubs are usually central in what we do. Find out more about these or just get in touch. We’d love to see how we can serve you.