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Action Advent: a calendar-ful of ways to make a difference

Live out the hope of Christmas, one day at a time


Every day, this beautiful Advent calendar gives you a simple prompt to put your faith into action in daily life.

Thanking that quiet person who rarely gets noticed. Praying for everyone you’re giving a gift. Or welcoming someone who’s lonely to join in your Christmas traditions.

Along the way, you’ll be reminded of the actions taken by the characters in the Christmas story – and take inspiration from the way they put their faith into practice.

Who’s the calendar for?

Everyone! After all, there’s no age limit on Advent calendars, Christmas fun, or living like Jesus. All the prompts can be done by kids, either on their own or with their parents – and they all work for adults, too.

Can we use it with our church?

Yes – in fact, that’s why we made it! In a season when we often focus on bringing people in to church, this calendar is a great way to inspire our churches to take the hope of Christmas out into the world as well.

Print off a copy for each household in your church and encourage people to chat about how they’re getting on with the prompts when they meet.

How do I get my calendar(s)?

Simply download the PDF below and print out as many copies as you need.

Cut along the white dotted lines with a craft knife or scissors, then stick the cover sheet onto the prompt sheet with a glue stick. That’s it!


Download our Advent Calendar

With daily prompts to put your faith into action in everyday life.


  1. So very helpful

    By Ruth Lock  -  1 Nov 2022
  2. Looks a real reminder – nice to have a daily dose recommending how I might live out faith everyday.

    By Mary BROWN  -  1 Nov 2022
  3. I like this alot. Is there a digital version we could use on our church facebook page each day? i

    By Jonathan David Elvy  -  1 Nov 2022
    • There will be soon! Look out on our social media over Advent.

      Josh Hinton
      By Josh Hinton Head of Communications, LICC
      • Sounds great – would love to feature it on our website, or at least link to it.

        By Lisa Ware  -  25 Nov 2022
  4. Love this! Thank you so much.

    By Sharon Armstrong  -  1 Nov 2022
  5. Thankyou, some really practical ideas to remind us to live our faith and share it.

    By Averil Dew  -  2 Nov 2022
  6. This is a wonderful idea! I’m going to make one for home and one each for my son and daughter. Thank you.

    By greg.siddons  -  2 Nov 2022
  7. This is awesome. Please do something similar for Lent too.
    Thank you

    By Karen Parr  -  30 Nov 2022
  8. Great idea but can’t print it out. Daily digital reminder would be wonderful.

    By Irene Woosnam  -  30 Nov 2022
  9. I like the idea of affirming someone (see Day 1 of the calendar)

    By Jane  -  30 Nov 2022
  10. I have printed the actions but cant get the front page to print!!

    By mary judkins  -  30 Nov 2022
  11. Is this link still active? I have tried to download on 2 different devices (iPhone and iPad) and it doesn’t seem to work.

    By Jean Nightingale  -  7 Nov 2023
    • Hi Jean – it’s working for me! But do email our office [email protected] if you can’t get it to work and they’ll sort you out.

      Josh Hinton
      By Josh Hinton Head of Communications, LICC

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