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A Place at the Table

Embrace the practice of hospitality.

With loneliness and isolation reaching unprecedented levels in the UK, it‘s never been more important for Christians to commit to practising hospitality.

But for many of us, hospitality is a lost art – a practice we’ve forgotten, neglected, or distorted beyond all recognition. Amid material comforts and rife individualism, practicing hospitality can be daunting – we can worry that too much is expected of us, that we need to present a perfect home, or that something could go wrong when we let others into our space.

But what if hospitality was actually simpler and yet more profound than we can imagine?

A Place At The Table, the new book from working professional and mother of two Jo Swinney, explores this crucial topic – drawing on biblical insights from the early church and a deep well of experience, and extending a warm invitation to embrace the loving kindness of others.

Recorded on 8 September 2022.

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Get your copy of Jo Swinney's book 'A Place at the Table'. All royalties go to the work of A Rocha International.

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