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Sustaining Whole-life Disciplemaking Church

Based on extensive research, this short book helps you discover seven key ingredients which are vital in building whole-life disciplemaking churches.
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What does it take to grow a church that truly makes whole-life disciples?

And, as if that wasn’t difficult enough, how do you keep doing it, for the long haul?

These are important questions, and ones we’ve spent a number of years exploring. Based on in-depth research with real-life churches, this short book offers seven key ingredients which are vital in building whole-life disciplemaking churches.

Whether you’re just starting to think about whole-life discipleship or you’ve been doing it for years, Sustaining Whole-Life Disciplemaking Church is full of ideas that will help your whole community grow into effective whole-life disciples, including:

  • The essential importance of sharing stories with one another
  • The transformative power of regular spiritual practices
  • The surprising effect of cutting the number of church activities

About the Authors

Lyn Weston led transformation programmes and culture change in global organisations for over three decades. She’s ordained, was formerly LICC’s Director of Church of England Relations, and is now Director of Church Engagement and Network at Christians Against Poverty.

Joe Warton loves finding stories of fruitfulness in the lives of individuals and churches, and relishes devloping resources that help Christians discover the thrill of whole-life discipleship.

About Grove Books

Grove Books are fast-moving explorations of Christian life and ministry, designed to be accessible, relevant, and affordable. The Grove Discipleship Series helps lay and ordained church leaders engage with the challenges and opportunities for discipleship and disciplemaking in the contemporary world. Produced in cooperation with the Anglican Communion, the series brings a worldwide perspective to these issues.

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