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The London Institute for Contemporary Christianity

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40 Faces, 40 Places Devotional Journey

A crowdsourced devotional journey about Christians joining God at work in daily life.

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Created with submissions from Christians across the UK and the wider world, this journey answers the question ‘what is God doing out there through people like me?’

It’ll give you a God’s-eye perspective on what he’s building in and through each of us in our own places.

Over 40 days, you’ll discover diverse, real-life stories of Christlike impact in every walk of life, from an online support group to the High Court Bench.

Each story is paired with Bible readings, reflections, and prayer prompts that will help you look at your own life, discover how you’re already making a difference with Christ – and imagine how he could do even more through you.

’40 Faces, 40 Places’ is also available for free via email or the YouVersion app.

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Published: 2022

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