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Mark: Living the Way of Jesus in the World Devotional Journey

Live the hope-filled, fear-beating way of Jesus right where you are.

Mark’s Gospel is a remarkable book.

Shorter than the accounts of Matthew, Luke, and John but every bit as powerful, it invites us to take a walk with Jesus – never conventional, often challenging, and always worth our all.

This prayer journey, written in conjunction with the Gateway Seven study Mark: Living the Way of Jesus in the World, is designed to help you see Jesus afresh and deepen your wonder at God at work in the world.

Over 40 days, you’ll immerse yourself in Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection – and explore what it means to live the hope-filled, fear-beating way of Christ right where you are.

When you sign up, each day you’ll receive a ‘First Thought’ to stimulate your own thinking, a question from the day’s passage to chew over, a prompt to consider your response in your context, and a short prayer to conclude.

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