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Your support changes lives: Chloe’s story

Here’s an inspiring example of how whole-life discipleship can transform the way we live and work. Meet Chloe Goh, a regulatory medical writer who recently took part in our Be Wise course.  


How did you come across LICC? 

I stumbled across LICC’s Be Wise course whilst searching online. I was hoping to find some insight and inspiration about how people integrate their faith in their everyday life. 

What difference has connecting with us made? 

Having studied pharmacy in the UK, I now live and work in Prague as a regulatory medical writer. During lockdown, I started blogging about my faith but I stopped after a few posts because what I was sharing didn’t seem very practical. My faith felt relevant on Sundays, but on weekdays, it seemed so disconnected from my work.  

The course helped me see how wisdom from scripture can sit alongside God-given human wisdom. It brought value to my line of work (medical research) which I now see as godly work because God gives us medicine in the world to bring restoration and healing to people. 

What’s the result in your everyday life? 

Be Wise gave me a broader perspective on how I can live as a Christian at work. For example, with my colleagues, I now make an effort to ask them how they are, to open up more conversation, and to see how I can support them. The session about hospitality really stood out to me – the idea of having an ‘open table’ where you invite friends, colleagues, or even strangers to come and share their own stories. I was struck by how, as Christians, we can befriend those who may otherwise be lonely.  

The discussion group I was part of on the course has since started a WhatsApp group where we ask each other on Sunday ‘what will you be doing this time tomorrow?’, and then we can pray for and support each other.  


Your one-off gift will equip more Christians like Chloe to integrate their faith with every part of their lives.  

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