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The Queen’s faith and legacy | Paul Woolley, LICC CEO

Our CEO reflects on the Queen’s remarkable legacy of whole-life discipleship


As we mourn the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Paul Woolley considers the powerful example she set, living out her faith with humility and grace in every sphere of her life.

Obituary: Elizabeth II

Read Mark Greene’s full-length obituary of the Queen, reflecting on a life of Christlike service, and a reign shaped by her whole-life faith in Jesus.


  1. I am wondered if there is a space in the licc family for those of us who deeply love God and try to live spirit filled lives of service but who do not feel the same way about having the monarchy? I see very little room which is very sad. Christ makes it very clear that no person is above another and that wealth must be held in common and that service means following his example of leaving behind religious and cultural norms if they go against the higher love of loving neighbour. Love means acting to erase poverty and bring the kingdom in terms of justice, amongst other things. It is about redistributing power and wealth to the poor, not keeping it to a single family and I for one will only call Jesus Your Majesty for the simple reason that he is the only one worthy of it . Making any person an idol and beyond critique is dangerous and foolish .I am aware that the narrative in our land at the moment seems to almost make monarchism a religion, full of uncritical adulation which is a great danger. People have been arrested over the past few days for simply voicing a view that the Windsor’s aren’t elected (which is true) and I truly hope Licc can lead on open dialogue, unless royalty and class based privilege is truly a non negotiable of our faith? So I ask again, is there space in the licc family for people like me?

    By Rachie  -  14 Sep 2022
    • Hi Rachie

      Thanks so much for getting in touch. There’s plenty of room for other voices, and your contributions are always welcome. I know Paul especially values your input – he’s told me so! We should never make idols or make monarchism a religion. I think many (but not everyone) would argue that The Queen acted in the loving ways you describe. But there’s room for everyone. LICC is a generous space, and it’s important for us to listen attentively – to God, culture, and one another.
      Thanks again, Matt

      Matt Jolley
      By Matt Jolley Research & Implementation Manager

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