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Pray for Our Leaders

Were you a bit bleary eyed this morning after a late night watching the election results? How do you feel about a hung Parliament?

Sadly, the prevailing emotion amongst the majority of the electorate seems to be disillusionment; a kind of settled cynicism about both politicians and the political process.  Some of that is because not everyone believes the system works well.

Churchill famously said, ‘Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others’. But there is a deeper root of disenchantment. We know how flawed our own human nature is, and how prone we all are to selfishness and compromise. So we know that is also true for our leaders. Underneath it all, we know the core system that is broken is the system of the human heart.

Yet, as another Prime Minister said, ‘If politics is, on occasion, the place of low skulduggery, it is more often the place for the pursuit of noble causes.’  Despite our brokenness, there is an undeniably higher side to humanity.  Within us all, including politicians, there is a genuine desire to do good – an aspect of God in whose image we have all been created. And that is what inspires us to keep going.

As the ancient contest between good and bad in human nature is played out through our leaders on the national and international stage, who can we trust? Psalm 146 offers us an answer: ‘Do not put your trust in princes, in human beings, who cannot save. When their spirit departs, they return to the ground; on that very day their plans come to nothing. Blessed are those whose help is the God of Jacob, whose hope is in the Lord their God.’

So today, let’s turn to God in prayer at this time of uncertainty and ask him to inspire and direct the hearts and minds of our leaders, to help them rise above selfishness and find a way to govern and serve well:

Father God, 

Have mercy upon our country and upon our leaders.

We pray for wisdom for the Queen, the Prime Minister and the Cabinet.
We pray for integrity, truth, and compassion throughout government and for righteous laws.

We pray for God’s people in government to be a positive influence for the good of all. And we pray that our government will be a force for good in the world and a means of bringing relief to those suffering today.
In Jesus’ Name,


Paul Valler
Paul is a Mentor, Author, and Speaker, and Chairs the Board of LICC.


  1. Yes, prayer and more prayer for our leaders, for the country and for us to find a way to work together and to be wise and loving in everything.

    By Pam  -  9 Jun 2017
  2. Wonderful and just what I needed to hear today. These words have refreshed me and given me renewed hope. Thank you!

    By Jo Hackey  -  9 Jun 2017
  3. Thankyou

    By Paul Hayes  -  9 Jun 2017
  4. A wise chaplain said several years ago to our liberal, internationalist congregation: “I know that many of you have a poor opinion of the US President. But how many of you pray for him? It’s important to pray even more fervently for your adversaries than for your friends”.

    By Andrew  -  9 Jun 2017
  5. A real encouragement to look to the One who can change all circumstances for His purposes. Thank you.

    By Anne Taylor  -  9 Jun 2017
  6. It’s so right to be pointed to God ….. so easily forgotten in disappointment and despair. Mary 3.00pm 9June

    By Mary  -  9 Jun 2017
  7. I love this! Thank you very much

    By Sabine  -  9 Jun 2017
  8. His ways are not our ways, & time has shown us again & again that He truly does use, & turn absolutely everything to the good of those who love Him, & put their trust in Him.
    We must lift our eyes from simply the earthly view, & always remember that primarily the most important thing, is that Jesus is returning…..soon! Lets ask God to help us more & more to see with His eyes……… the vision to see through to the eternal!!

    By Paula  -  9 Jun 2017
  9. 2 Chronicles 7:14 comes to mind:
    ‘If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.’
    More than ever we need to keep on praying. Thank you.

    By Elsie  -  9 Jun 2017
  10. Thank you for much needed reminder for me. Many in Australua feel the same about our political state, God bless LICC.

    By Colleen  -  9 Jun 2017
  11. My Muslim neighbour at my allotment who usually mumbles a hello and nothing more, engaged me in conversation to ask what I thought about our new MP. We talked a bit and decided that we both would pray for her. My heart was lifted at such an opportunity. To talk to , me a non-muslim woman about such weighty issues was a privilege. God is moving, hung parliament or not!

    By Steph  -  10 Jun 2017
  12. Amen!

    By Gary Stacey  -  10 Jun 2017
  13. Elsie’s comment using 2 Chronicles 7 resounds so clearly, let’s humble ourselves and as God’s children keep praying for our leaders and our ‘lane’. Thank you LICC for being ‘Watchmn” at the gates.

    By Ann Page  -  10 Jun 2017
  14. Great reminder to pray for our leaders and Steph’s conversation with a Muslim neighbour is a reminder that out of every situation God can use us to bring connection and hope.

    By Dave J  -  10 Jun 2017
  15. Yes, let’s keep on praying. LICC, Paul, please keep sending us comments and thoughts on this to inspire us to continually pray for this nation. Very encouraging Trinity Sunday fell on this week end.
    Thank you all.

    By Elsie  -  12 Jun 2017
  16. Thank you. A great encouragement to pray for those in high office with huge responsibility. I am sure good will come out of a murky situation and our prayers are heard.

    By Richard Burningham  -  12 Jun 2017
  17. Dear Rev Dr Pastor Brother Praise The Lord

    By Rev.M.Petergeorge,Ph.D  -  18 Jun 2017
  18. Thank you. Prayers helped get Northern Ireland out of very dark times and hopefully more people will put their trust in God ahead of politicians but also give politicians a fair chance to do good.

    By Philip Hamilton  -  23 Jun 2017

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