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Meet David Walker, our new Imagine Work Champion…

A few months back, David Walker joined Team LICC as our Imagine Work Champion. And so, we thought it was high time we gave him a proper introduction and shared a little bit more about what his role entails!  

What did you do before joining LICC?  

Having read international business and French at the University of Plymouth, I spent the first half my adult life working in the telecoms sector, for Cable & Wireless and the Orange Group, in strategy roles. Not only did I really enjoy my work, doing business in different countries and cultures, but I also had a very clear sense of purpose as a whole-life disciple of Jesus. God then called me into ordained ministry, and I’ve spent the last 15 years leading churches and equipping God’s people to be fruitful and faithful disciples in their everyday lives. 

Last October, these two worlds of business and ordained ministry came together when I began to work for LICC on a part-time basis, alongside leading a church in Reading. I now have the great joy of being the Imagine Work Champion at LICC, helping champion all of you in your workplace. 

What’s your vision for the workplace ministry at LICC? 

At LICC, we long to see every disciple of Jesus confident in their calling and equipped to take part in God’s greater kingdom vision at work. Why? Because the single greatest missional opportunity for the church in the UK is to equip and empower all God’s people to be whole-life disciples in their everyday lives. And what’s more, our everyday lives are filled with opportunities to worship and bring glory to God. God’s plan for salvation includes redeeming our workplaces – healthcare, education, construction, enterprise, creative arts, manufacturing, media, services, and more.  

Having just returned from an Executive Toolbox weekend, I’m more convinced than ever of the need to empower and equip all of God’s people in their place of work. It was a huge encouragement to see and hear about the difference this training course makes to women working out their faith in their everyday lives – when we truly understand God’s purpose and calling for us at work, it transforms our perspective and our workplaces. And so, my prayer is that, wherever you are and whatever you do, you’d be confident in your calling and equipped to ignite God’s kingdom vision, right where you are. 

What does being a whole-life disciple at work look like? 

Not everyone enjoys work – relationships can be tense, tasks can be mundane, and working environments can be lonely or challenging. And this is what we should expect, as we live in a fallen world. Sin has infiltrated our workplaces as much as our own lives, our families, and our church life. Some of the tension you experience at work is because of this theological tension: we live at a time when the kingdom of God has been brought in, but not yet fully realised. It is this reality that compels us to live out our faith, changing the culture at work, bringing God’s kingdom to our workplaces and being messengers of the gospel.  

If the task of living out your faith at work seems overwhelming, the culture in your workplace seems too resistant to Christ, or you feel alone or isolated in your daily and weekly tasks, remember this: you are called by God to be a whole-life disciple in your workplace, even if you don’t see it or sense it today. You do have Christ in you, the hope of glory, and God’s power in you ‘is the same as the mighty strength that he exerted when he raised Christ from the dead’ (Ephesians 1:19-20).  

Jesus spent time with people. He ministered to people. He listened to people. He asked questions of people. He met people where they were, whether that be beside a well, out fishing or collecting taxes. As we seek to be whole-life disciples, we too can mould the culture in our workplaces through the relationships we have. Never underestimate the power of Christ in you, as you live out your faith at work. Your workplace needs you to bring the kingdom values of justice, grace, mercy, forgiveness, truth, and joy!  

As we enter 2024, our workplaces look increasingly different – and that presents both battles and blessings. Hybrid working is becoming more common. On the plus side, it gives flexibility, reduced commuting costs, and potentially more time with family and friends as a result. But it also presents challenges as we seek to make online meetings relational and not just transactional. What’s more, working from home requires firm boundary lines and new ways of building community. As God’s people, we need to move with the times and be creative – different working patterns will offer different opportunities to minister grace and love and model godly character, you just might need to think outside the box! 

How does your role fit into this big picture vision? 

Whatever sector you work in, I’m here to champion you! Whether that’s meeting for a coffee to chat about a challenging situation or exciting opportunity at work, connecting you with some of our great workplace resources, or chatting over email about any other questions about work and faith, my hope and prayer is that together we can bring the gospel into workplaces across the country – for the glory of God and the good of those around us.   

I pray that God will equip and empower you today in your work and give you his vision for the call he has on your life and through your workplace.  

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? 

I enjoy paddle boarding, motorbiking, mentoring, surfing, and all things French! I also love spending time with my wife, Liz, and our three teenage children.

Revd David Walker
Imagine Work Champion

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