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Beating the summer blues

September has rolled in and that means that the summer officially draws to a close. A fact made more painful by the way that, in the UK, it never really got going this year – before this week.

Like many others, I feel I truly become my ‘best self’ when in the sun, by the sea, and enjoying the long evening light. The arrival of autumn can be a difficult pill to swallow.

September often brings with it talk about summer blues, an impending sense of busyness, a return to duties after a summer break, and a longing for the next holiday.

It’s so easy to moan about the weather and long for what feels out of reach.

But we believe in the God who crafted the seasons, so shouldn’t we be different?

It is tempting to believe that ‘summer me’ is the best me. With more time in the sun with a book, dipping in the sea, or going for long walks, I find myself generally feeling less anxious, more joyful, and more confident.

But God teaches us by his Word that our identity need not be tied up in the seasons. Instead, because God has ‘lavished’ us with his great love, we have been granted the identity of ‘children of God’ (1 John 3:1). By the grace of God and Jesus’ death and resurrection, I am a daughter of the Creator, 365 days of the year. That means that when tan lines fade, joy and confidence should not.

As we journey on from many people’s favourite season, it’s a good opportunity to remind ourselves of where our identity and purpose is found. We are heirs to the King of the universe, and made to be lights in a dark world (Matthew 5:14). Let the fading summer evenings remind us of the hope we can carry to those who do not yet know Jesus and the unshakeable joy he offers.

We might also ask ourselves, and those around us, ‘What have I learned about rest this summer that I can bottle up and take with me into the autumn?’. If God has shown me something good, why deny it or ignore it for the next nine months? For me, that’s unhurried time with God in the morning, reading a good book, time away from my phone, and days where I don’t see a mirror.

Whatever the answer might be for you, how can you intentionally take what God has taught you into the next season?

While the seasons change, our beautiful Saviour does not.

Jo Evans
Consultant, Whitestone Insight



  1. A delightful read describing thoughts and emotions we all share. And a challenge so easy to ignore but very pertinent to our ongoing journey of faith in 2023/24.

    By William Nixon  -  8 Sep 2023
  2. Thanks for this. I relate to your points but the use of the word “should” in this sentence leaves me floundering: “when tan lines fade, joy and confidence should not.” It suggests to me someone (God, me, modern lifestyle, serotonin-producing mechanism in our bodies?) is at fault. Might be worth exploring that and suggesting HOW we might rectify that – if we can – or live with the guilt if we can’t?

    By Karen  -  10 Sep 2023

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