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The London Institute for Contemporary Christianity

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Growing on the Frontline: Discussion Guide Only

Extra copies of the paperback guide for our eight-session course, designed to help you grow more like Jesus where you are.

Not bought the course yet? Get everything you need to run Growing on the Frontline in your small group, including session videos.

‘I just wish I could be more like Jesus.’

We want to make an impact where we are. But there are times when we really aren’t much like Jesus. When we don’t do the kind thing, or the right thing.

What’s getting in the way? And how do we grow past it?

The good news is that our everyday contexts aren’t just places to do things with Jesus. They’re places to become more like him, growing in maturity with God’s help.

Growing on the Frontline is an eight-session small group course designed to help you do just that – so that by God’s grace you can become increasingly fruitful with and for him, day by day.

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Published: 2022
Pages: 68

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