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The Whole Life Podcast

Connecting the Christian story with all of life.

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Christian politicians from four major UK parties discuss how the Christian story connects to their own work and their parties' unique character and policies.

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We know the gospel is good news for everyone and everything. But in the complexity of the modern world, how do we connect our faith to stuff that’s not mentioned explicitly in the Bible? If Jesus was living your life in the 21st Century, what would he do and say about the crazy technology we use, the way we’re devouring our planet, or just the latest series doing the rounds on Netflix?

The Whole Life Podcast is here to help you think through those very questions. Across the series, LICC’s Paul Woolley and Grace Fielding are joined by well-known experts to discuss just about everything, from AI taking over the world to what makes good stand-up, from the existential dread of ecological crisis to the simple benefits of prayer.

As you listen, you’ll get a fresh understanding of what’s going on with these major issues and how the Christian story can bring redemption and life to everything we do, watch, make, read, use, and debate.

Guests include Pete Greig, Paula Gooder, Tom Holland, Makoto Fujimura, Justin Brierley, Eve Poole, Graham Tomlin, and more!

There’s literally everything to talk about and just under an hour to talk about it.

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General election special

Amid the noise of the general election campaign, this is something a little different – a chance to hear how the Christian faith continues to shape our politics, through the daily discipleship of politicians right across the spectrum. As you consider how to use your vote, listen in for a Christian perspective on four major parties and insights on what it means to engage in politics as Jesus would.

Featuring John Glen (Conservatives), Cat Smith (Labour), John Mason (SNP), and Tim Farron (Liberal Democrats).


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