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The Whole Christmas Story – Devotional Journey

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Christmas is for life, not just December

We all know the Christmas story inside out and back to front. The donkey, the manger, the angels, the shepherds, and the star. But it’s not just a quaint annual tradition.

Because at the heart of the story is a baby whose arrival changes everything, for all time. The first Christmas is the moment on which all of history turns, and in which all of creation is offered redemption.

This 25-day Advent devotional journey will help you explore on the significance of Jesus’ birth in the context of the whole Bible. Starting in Genesis and working through to Revelation, you’ll see how Christ came to a world worth saving; how human sin affects every part of life; how God promised to redeem all of his creation; and how in Jesus, he made good on that promise.

And throughout Advent, you’ll reflect on how God is calling you to live in a way that contributes to his redeeming work in the world, ushered in by Jesus’ birth.

The journey is perfect to do either on your own or with your church family. If you’re a church leader, why not plan to do it as a congregation this year? The journey will be available from 1 December via email or the YouVersion app. In the meantime, check out our journey overview and ideas for how to use it as a church.

This journey is based on the book The Whole Christmas Story by Jo Swinney, published by and available through BRF Ministries. If you want to explore these themes in more depth, check it out!

Devotional journey overview

See the topics for each day of the devotional journey now, so you can plan ahead to use it with your church.

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Former vicar Jules Gadsby explains how to use the devotional journey with your congregation.

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