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Real-life lessons from people in the Bible.

We’re so pleased you enjoyed watching ExtraOrdinary on GodTV. Good news, there’s more! If you’re keen to dive deeper into each episode, here are some discussion questions to mull over with a prayer partner, friend, or your small group.

Use the guide below to reflect on the key points from the Bible story, draw connections between the Bible story and what’s happening in your own life, and change how you think, feel, pray, and live to be more Christlike – wherever you spend your time during a typical week.

Discussion guide

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Episode 1 – The perfect storm

In this episode, Mark takes a deep dive into the biblical story of Paul shipwrecked on the way to Rome, whilst Tim and Ennette share contemporary stories of crisis situations, including near business collapse and a life-and-death case in A&E. In each story, you’ll be encouraged by their faithful actions in the face of adversity. When authorities, policies, or pressures disagreed with or discounted their voice, each disciple, past and present, faithfully listened to the Lord and acted accordingly – and, in doing so, saved projects and lives. Imagine what difference you could make if you listened to Jesus in your workplace...


Episode 2 – The manager and the migrant

In this episode, Mark brings to life the biblical story of Boaz, a farmer, manager, and small business owner. By implementing safeguarding policies, setting a standard of generosity, and praising the good work of others, he went above and beyond to look after the lowliest workers under his leadership. Tim and Ennette share contemporary stories showing how each of us can change the culture of a workplace to make it more like heaven here and now. Because even things like learning people’s names and letting others go first at a staff buffet can make a big difference.


Episode 3 – The girl with no name

In this episode, Mark unpacks the story of an unsung biblical hero – the young servant girl who’d been captured by enemy armies, torn from her family and friends, and enslaved in a foreign country. Against the odds, she took initiative and, in faith, gave her enemy master a chance at healing. And, in doing so, showed him the character of the Lord God. Tim and Ennette share equally mind-blowing stories of small acts that have been part of a chain leading to healing and conversion, too, in corner shops, cafés, and bars. Get ready to be inspired!


Episode 4 – The king and his commander

In this episode, Mark helps us notice how the biblical King David relates to the Lord – from praise and declaration to asking for strategic direction and tactical advice in battle. Tim and Ennette share contemporary stories, from a mother with mysterious nightmares to a student in a hostile philosophy class. You’ll be reminded by these believers who’ve invited God into their everyday decisions and struggles that God cares about the fine details of our lives and can work through every action and interaction to achieve his purpose.


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