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Church Team Learning Hubs

We would all love our churches to be communities that equip and encourage God’s people to live confident and fruitful lives for Jesus out in the world. But how do we grow and sustain a culture within our churches where this happens?

Learning Hubs provide a fantastic opportunity for church leaders and the wider church to grapple with this exciting yet challenging endeavour. With eight sessions spread over the course of the year, an LICC facilitator will share practical and biblical insights, help you discover resources, and provide you with opportunities to reflect and begin implementing changes right from the first session.

We have found the churches that get the most out of Learning Hubs bring along a core of key leaders to every session, as well as inviting members of the wider worshipping community for the sessions relevant to them.

The eight sessions are:

  • An introduction to whole-life discipleship and church (for everyone)
  • Culture-change for a frontline focus (for leaders)
  • Whole-life preaching (for preachers)
  • Spiritual Formation for the frontline (for everyone)
  • Whole-life worship (for all those involved in leading worship services)
  • Small groups with a frontline focus (for small group leaders)
  • The workplace as your frontline (for leaders and anyone in work)
  • Sharing faith on the frontline (for everyone)

Each session is 2.5 hours long and provides space for interaction and reflection.


To find out more about Learning Hubs, join a local hub, or host one in your area, please contact the Church Team through Steve Rouse: [email protected]

‘It was so helpful thinking through the specific areas of church life and ministry. The one degree shifts gave us ideas of things we could act on immediately, as well as consider for the future.’
– Revd Matt Hird, St Matthews

‘We are all too aware that busyness squeezes out the possibility of change. The Learning Hub has increased our determination to get whole-life discipleship into the DNA of the dioceses. It’s also helped me be more intentional in shaping worship services and sermons to equip congregations for their frontlines.’
– Revd Caroline Pascoe, Mission Development Officer (Diocese of Hereford)