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Joy, Peace, & Patients

How as Christians can we share the message of Christmas in an authentic, grace-filled and meaningful way? Sarah’s shared her story of what Christmas means to her – and how she shares it with others on her frontline.

‘I work as a mental health nurse in Kent, which is a rewarding but hugely challenging job. Each day I have the opportunity to serve patients and their families, and over the years I’ve been encouraged and challenged by their strength in difficult circumstances. I’d love for my patients to know the joy and peace that Jesus brings, but it can be difficult to explicitly share my faith, even at Christmas, because these relationships are quite sensitive.

‘Because of this, I’ve often felt inadequate as I’ve heard other people’s stories of conversations they’ve had with people at work. I’ve prayed many times asking God to help me see how I can make the most of opportunities at Christmas and I’ve begun to see that, even if I can’t always initiate conversations about my faith, I do have a part to play in what God is doing in these people’s lives. God has shown me that the most significant thing I can do for my patients at Christmas is to pray for them.

‘So now each day in December I pray for the people I’m going to see, asking God to give them joy and peace in what can be a difficult time for them and praying that, in his perfect timing, God would give me opportunities – prompted by them – to share the good news of Jesus.

‘This change in perspective has reminded me that God has placed me here for a reason. And God’s given me peace that I don’t need to feel the pressure of thinking I need to manufacture opportunities; I can just be me and pray that God in his sovereignty will create the opportunities for me to share my faith with those around me.’


This story was first published in LICC’s EG Magazine in November 2016

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