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An Invitation to Pray

Whether you’ve journeyed with us from the very beginning, or just clicked through today, you’re invited.  Invited to join us in prayer – giving thanks for the past, praying for the future.

For our 35th birthday, we’re committing ourselves to 35 days of prayer. We want to pray strategically for the task God has set before us, for the growth of God’s kingdom and for the lives of his people.

Like God’s people in the time of Nehemiah, as they stood before the broken walls of Jerusalem, we see not just what is but also what could be.

As the task of rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem neared completion, opposition against the project and Nehemiah intensified.  He was beset by taunts, political manoeuvring, military threat, character defamation and the possibility of assassination.

But he knew the power of the one who had called him to the work.

And so he prayed to God, “Now strengthen my hands.” (Nehemiah 6:9)

We, too, know the power of our God.

The times in which we live have their particular challenges. And the scope of the work that LICC is called to compels us to pray.

Will you join us?

Over 35 days we’ll bring to him prayers of praise, of thanksgiving, of petition, of hope. We’ll look back on what God has done and we’ll share our plans and dreams for the future.

You’ll receive daily prayer prompts and there’ll be opportunities for you to share with us what’s on your heart too. We’ll be starting on July 12th 2017. Naturally, when you begin is up to you but we hope that you will indeed join us.

Disclaimer: Wondering what you’re signing up for? It’s simple – short emails from us for the 35 days, and our regular emails. You’ll be able to change your preferences or unsubscribe in all the usual ways.


Anna Watkin