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On Purpose – Lent Devotional Journey

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Discover God-given purpose in everything you do.

With Jesus, our work, family life, friendships, and interests all serve a higher purpose.

The accountant who views her daily work as sacred and significant, even when colleagues insist it’s just a grind. The grandmother who talks to her granddaughter about Jesus every week over Sunday lunch. The head boy who jumps to the defence of the student who’s picked on by everyone else in the year. The four-year-old who churns out seven pieces of art an hour, and the mum who helps her see how she’s glorifying God in her creativity. The couple who take time to introduce themselves to new neighbours, establishing community where previously there was none.

No matter how mundane our everyday tasks and interactions may seem, they all have deep purpose in God’s eyes. In our work, family life, friendships, interests, and neighbourhoods, we’re invited to join in his redemptive work, making earth more like heaven. And that means wherever we go and whatever we do, we do it with purpose – God’s hands and feet in his world.

This Lent devotional journey invites you to think differently about everything you do. Over 40 days, you’ll get to grips with the Bible’s view of purpose, and read true stories of how that purpose is worked out in all kinds of Christians’ lives today.

Each week, you’ll explore a different theme:

  1. Purpose in work
  2. Purpose in family
  3. Purpose in friendship
  4. Purpose in our interests
  5. Purpose in our neighbourhoods

Finally, in Holy Week you’ll prepare for Easter with an examination of how Jesus reveals his true purpose in the days before his crucifixion.

This journey comes with small group questions and videos to prompt discussion around each week’s theme, making it perfect to run as a whole church.

On Purpose will be available from 14 February 2024. In the meantime, download the journey outline and small group questions now and plan to run it in your church in Lent!


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Devotional journey overview

See the topics for each day of the devotional journey now, so you can plan ahead to use it with your church.

Small group discussion guides

Questions for small groups that'll help people reflect on what they're learning during the On Purpose journey.

Small group videos

Short films to discuss in small groups, unpacking the six key themes of the journey: work, family, friendships, interest, neighbourhoods, and Holy Week.