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Confidence Devotional Journey

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Sunday confidence on Monday morning

In theory, we all know we can be confident in our faith, and when we’re gathered together with other Christians, we often feel full of confidence.

But when daily life hits, it can all drain away. How can we change that, with God’s help?

This devotional journey will help you grow deep faith-confidence that lasts from Sunday into the rest of your week, so you can boldly join in God’s work right where you are.

It’s accompanied by six sermons and small group sessions, so your whole church can walk through the journey together – going deeper into the key themes on Sundays, and reflecting together on what you’re learning.

Over 40 days, you’ll reflect on six key ways we can grow in confidence:

  1. Confidence through being convinced
  2. Confidence through community
  3. Confidence through compassion
  4. Confidence through consistency
  5. Confidence through competence
  6. Confidence through courage


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Devotional journey overview

See the topics for each day of the devotional journey now, so you can plan ahead to use it with your church.

Sermon prep guide

Outlines for six sermons to help your church explore the themes in the Confidence journey.

Small group guides

Everything you need to run six small group sessions that'll help people reflect on what they're learning during the Confidence journey.

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