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The London Institute for Contemporary Christianity

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LICC Lunchtime Sessions: The Frontline Life of a Church Leader


Monday 3 June | 1:00pm

Online Event

A healthy whole-life disciplemaking church will be led by people who walk the walk as well as talking the talk.  

That means joining in God’s purposes in all the detail of their everyday lives – their frontlines – not just in organised, gathered church activities. 

In this one-hour online lunchtime webinar, LICC’s Church Team will share personal stories and practical insights to help church leaders of all stripes map out their own frontline mission. 

Join us to walk through the five-step journey we have to go on as church leaders to embed whole-life discipleship into our own practice. We’ll also address the question of whether our work in the gathered church be a frontline. 

This isn’t about ‘having it all together’ as church leaders, pretending to be perfect whole-life disciples. It’s as much about admitting our mistakes and sharing real stories with our church community. What’s key is that we lead by example. 

Grab your lunch and spend an hour with the LICC Church Team as they share their practical ideas and experience.