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Whole Life Worship Prayer Wall

We hope you’re enjoying the Whole Life Worship Prayer Journey. Welcome to the prayer wall!

It’s for all of us who are journeying together over these 40 days.

It’s the place to comment and share encouragement for others perhaps answers to prayer, or stories of how you’ve found praying in this way. If you prefer to share via email, you can email

Prayer Wall

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  1. We’re excited and thankful for all that God has already been doing through the whole family of whole life worship resources and everyone that has signed up so far to join the journey!

    By LICC  -  26 Sep 2017
  2. May I share with you my prayer today.
    Father God I ask for you to encourage all who are feeling that pull towards your love and perhaps don’t know where to begin to find you. Pleas help them to see that you are beside them already. Amen

    By Gail  -  25 Jan 2018

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