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The One to Talk To: Susie’s Story

It was the last training day of the term in a primary school. Exhausted doesn’t even come close to how we were all feeling. We’d not had a break since February and a summer holiday was finally within reach.

I walked into my classroom, where one of my colleagues was talking to a new member of my team. I heard her say: ‘Susie’s the one to talk to.’ I thought I was going to be quizzed on my subject expertise or a classroom organisation query.

‘How can I help?’ was my reply.

‘I feel there’s a gap in my life. I’m searching for something. Are you religious?’

In that ordinary place, in the room where I spend most of my working hours, what followed was a conversation about faith, how heaven meets earth, how God is knowable yet completely other, and how relationship with Jesus helps me in my everyday.

As it came to an end, my new colleague’s last comment was: ‘Please can I talk to you again?’

‘Of course,’ I said, trying to sound casual and conceal my excitement.

When I was praying before work that day after reading LICC’s Word for the Week, God had reminded me of the scripture ‘I am the way, the truth and the life’ (John 14:6). How graciously and subtly he prepares us for opportunities we have no idea are coming our way.

And it didn’t end there. With schools having reduced opening hours this term, I’ve been working with different colleagues, and there’ve been so many more opportunities for me to openly share my faith and pray with others before lessons start.

I thank God for leading me and for giving me courage and boldness. And I thank him that even when I’m taking blu-tac off the walls, moving desks, and organising shelves, I’m still about my Father’s business.

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