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Share the Queen’s story, share the gospel

Elizabeth II had a living, whole-life faith. Her trust in Jesus informed everything she did – shaping her vision for her role and the country, and forming the way she acted with presidents and part-time staff alike.

Following her passing, thousands of people across the UK and the world are asking what made the Queen the person she was. In response, Mark Greene’s new book A Life of Grace highlights the source of her success – her faith in Jesus – and invites readers to encounter the God she served.

This book is a powerful way to help make faith like the Queen’s as well known and loved as the Queen herself. And the most powerful way to get that story out is to get your whole church community – and beyond – involved. Check out the ideas below – and then buy multiple copies to give away, with discounts when you buy 10 or more.

Before you start, think about what kinds of questions and reflections on faith the book inspires for you. What questions might it raise for someone who’s not familiar with Jesus? And how might you share how you’ve seen God at work in your life?

Share A Life of Grace through your church

  1. Offer everyone at your church two free copies – one to keep, one to give away. They might even want to give away more in groups, clubs, or community spots using the ideas below
  2. Give away copies at church events that attract a lot of visitors, like carol services or community parties
  3. Pick an appropriate Sunday – like Remembrance Sunday – to preach on the Queen’s life and example, and give away copies
  4. Use the example of the Queen’s life to preach on the importance of our everyday frontlines, with the Queen as an example
  5. Give away copies to neighbours in the church area, by knocking on doors or leaving them at homes as a gift
  6. Offer copies to community groups that meet in your building, perhaps accompanied by a short talk on the Queen’s faith. Or offer one to all the people who service the church – tradespeople, delivery drivers, builders, cleaners, and so on
  7. Connect with community figures who might want to distribute the book – local councillors, business leaders, or community groups
  8. Work with others in your diocese or churches together group to distribute copies – you can share the cost and also get books out to a wider range of people
  9. Share the book on your church website or social media


Share A Life of Grace in your day-to-day

  1. Give it as a Christmas gift to family, friends, colleagues, or neighbours
  2. If you are part of a pub quiz team, a golf club, a knitting circle, or a group chat, you could offer it to all the members
  3. Keep a few copies in your bag, car, or on your desk at work to give away if it comes up in conversation
  4. Did your street hold a Platinum Jubilee party? If so, everyone in your street might like the book as a gift
  5. See if your local coffee shop, charity shop, market, pub, dentist, GP, or lunchtime canteen might want to keep a pile of books for patrons to read or take away


Share A Life of Grace in your workplace

  1. If your company has planned tributes to the Queen, offer to share something that inspires you about Her Majesty, with the book to help you, and offer copies to those who might want them
  2. Leave copies in reception, the staff room, or canteen for people to grab on their way into work
  3. Give copies to people in your immediate team, clients, customers, and suppliers you engage with regularly
  4. If you’re in a larger company, chat with HR and explore putting on an organisation-wide session on the Queen’s leadership qualities, with mention of her faith’s impact

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