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Shaping the Future of Work?

Never waste a crisis.

And the pandemic has certainly created a crisis in the working world. These are tough times for people in work, and even tougher for the growing number of people out of work, or for anyone trying to find that increasingly endangered species – a first job.

The question is not only how to regenerate our economy, but what kind of working world would we want to go back to, or enter for the first time? Already before the pandemic, researchers were making connections between the burgeoning gig economy and declines in emotional and mental wellbeing. Already, economists were wondering if the combination of AI, robotics, and hypercomputers mining-mining-mining humongous quantities of data were ushering in a new industrial revolution that would consign any prospect of full employment to the arena of fantasy fiction.

Historically, of course, Christians like Cadbury, Rowntree, Laing et al have made transformative kingdom contributions to working practice. If we are to emulate them then our theological vision will need to be as clear and passionate about righteous wealth generation and poverty prevention as it has been about wealth distribution and poverty alleviation. And, of course, the Bible, from creation to cross to consummation, brims with material to help us.

Ours, after all, is the creator God whose work brought order, provided for every physical need, generated joy, made Eden beautiful, released the potential in matter, and empowered people to release potential in his creation. God created a context for human flourishing. And then took a day off.

Good work should do that. Future work should do that.

Ours is the Father God who created in relationship with the Word and with the Spirit, gave responsibility and accountability, and expected creativity and fruitful productivity.

Good work should do that. Future work should do that.

Ours is the loving God who gave his Son for the reconciliation of all things in heaven and earth, visible and invisible, and commands us to do whatever we do in his name, in his power, in his way, for his glory. Good work should synergise with his work.

The Covid crisis changes none of that. But the crisis will bring change. And that gives us an urgent opportunity to review our working practices – personal, organisational, and societal – in the light of Scripture, and to shape them in ways that better reflect the priorities and character of our worker God. For everyone’s benefit.

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Mark Greene
Executive Director, LICC



Mark Greene


  1. I look forward to next weeks uplifting emails!

    By Tracey Konarczak  -  3 Jul 2020
  2. Thanks Mark – insightful as ever! Time to re-imagine work and working practices. I agree completely on accountability – our CBL accountability groups are great for gently keeping each of us on track, both commercially and faith-based decisions.

    By James Shand  -  3 Jul 2020

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