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Seeing God at Work

Have you ever thought to yourself, ‘I don’t work for the church and I’m not in ‘full-time ministry’ – so where does my job fit into God’s big mission?’

Regardless of who pays our salaries (or even if we aren’t paid one at all) every Christian is engaged in full-time ministry. So here are a few things you can do that will help you start thinking differently about your job and begin to recognise all the ways God wants to be (and already is) at work in your work.


Aimed at those just beginning their working life, Re:Work is a day conference in Central London offering practical and spiritual support through Bible teaching, storytelling, mentoring discussion and prayer.

Start thanking God for Mondays

A great place to start is with Mark Greene’s book Thank God it’s Monday – a fun, purposeful exploration of mission and ministry at work. It’s a quick and easy read and will help you take a fresh look at your job, your colleagues, and your boss from God’s point of view. And if that whets your appetite, check out our list of the top 6 books about God in the workplace.

Be fruitful on your frontline

Fruitfulness on the Frontline is a great way for you to explore how you can make a difference for God wherever you work. Gain biblical insight and practical steps to help you do that faithfully and fruitfully.

Go on a Prayer Journey

If you’re facing tough financial targets, tiring commutes, or pressure to work longer hours, then it’s not always easy to pause and pray. Our 40-day prayer journeys give you regular one-line email prompts to spark your imagination, encouraging you to pray with renewed energy, creativity and faith that God’s purposes will be worked out in your workplace.

Suggest a Workplace Sunday

Celebrating God’s gift of work by supporting working people when we gather together on a Sunday helps us see the rest of our week as worship too. So why not use our resources and creative ideas for your church services – from work-focused prayers and Bible passages to short videos, sermon ideas, and song suggestions.

Start a Transforming Work Group

An innovative workplace discipleship journey, run in an engaging yet easy-to-use multimedia format, Transforming Work combines teaching, skills development, prayer, Bible study, and group conversation. Together with a small group of working Christians you’ll meet for eight sessions over a year to tackle vital issues like how to influence workplace culture and help colleagues get closer to Christ, being equipped to grow as a confident, fruitful disciple in your daily work.

Dip into our Executive Toolbox

If you’re in a mid-to senior-level executive role, and your responsibilities are offering you increasing opportunities to significantly influence your workplace, then our three 24-hour Executive Toolbox workshops could be a great fit for you. In the context of a group of 34 other Christians in similar workplace positions, this course will help you develop an even deeper biblical vision of God’s purposes for work, allow you and your peers to share and receive wisdom and give you access to the insights and practical tools of a range of workplace experts.