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Resources for churches

Here’s a handy guide to some key resources to help your church and inspire your leadership team.

Frontline Sundays

Everything you need to lead five Sunday services that will affirm, celebrate, and inspire your congregation for everyday mission, wherever they are – including companion short films, sermon notes, activities, small group studies, and giveaways.

Scattered & Gathered

Drawing on 13 years of engagement and cross-denominational field research, Neil Hudson offers a good-humoured, humble, and honest guide to creating a sustainable church culture that makes resilient disciples – both when they’re gathered together and scattered in the world.

Making Disciples for Everyday Life

Turn ‘yes, but’ into ‘let’s go!’ This series of articles addresses eight questions church leaders often ask about whole-life disciplemaking. Discover the experiences of leaders who are making progress in equipping people to follow Jesus in their Monday to Saturday lives.

The Gateway Seven Series

Discover a gateway to a deeper love of God’s word and richer insights into its implications for all of life, Monday through Sunday. A study series on seven books of the Bible, covering seven genres, with a whole-life discipleship focus.

Launched: Journeying through Uni with God

This four-session study gives students the understanding, tools, and confidence to live for Christ in every area of uni life. Because in the tough decisions, last-minute essays, and early lectures – God is at work. Comes complete with session videos, participant’s workbook, and leader’s guide.

Routed: Journeying into Work with God

Perfect for final-year students and recent graduates, this four-session group study is designed to help people make the jump from uni to work with gospel-shaped purpose. Complete with session videos, participant’s workbook, and leader’s guide.

Whole Life Preaching

Six short films that explore how a focus on whole-life disciplemaking can transform the way we preach. Each episode is available online, with downloadable discussion starters for you and your team. Watch and share for free!

Imagine Church

How can our time in church equip us to be salt and light in our time out there? In his book, Neil Hudson offers hope, help, and hard-won lessons from the churches who took part in the Imagine project.

Leading a Whole-Life Disciplemaking Church

How can leaders shift their church’s focus towards whole-life disciplemaking – amid the complexities and challenges of church life? This compelling booklet shows how this shift can transform a church’s mission.

Fruitfulness on the Frontline book

In this horizon-expanding, spirit-lifting, heart-warming book, Mark Greene serves up a liberating view of how God works in us and through us in our daily lives. It opens up a host of possibilities to help us make a difference for Christ among the people we meet day by day.

Fruitfulness on the Frontline study

Eight sessions combining biblical teaching and inspiring real-life stories to help you and your group make a difference on your frontlines and support one another along the way. Discussion guides, preaching guides and a whole bagful of content available online.

The Whole of Life for Christ

Seven Bible studies developed in partnership with Keswick Ministries to help us explore the calling to whole-life discipleship more deeply. The studies work for both individuals and groups, with discussion questions for leaders at the back.

Whole Life, Whole Bible

God’s word illuminates every part of existence, enabling us to live differently from Monday to Sunday, in public as well as in private. This walk through the Bible in 50 reflections – with Antony Billington, Margaret Killingray and Helen Parry – shows how our lives are bound up in God’s plan to restore a broken universe.

Transforming Work

Eight sessions spaced over a year for a group of Christians who want to make a difference where they work. This season of intentional discipleship offers opportunities to reflect, pray and make discoveries, leaving time for God to do what only he can do.